Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back to school soon

We go back on Thursday.

Rather, I go back on Thursday, and the children go back on Monday.  Jack is taking time off work to look after the Adorable Child whilst I'm at work Thursday and Friday.

Financially I've made a bit of a boo-boo, but we'll get over it.  Mostly it's because I kind of assumed his father would be taking responsibility by now, but he isn't. I think it'll have to be CSA, however, I've just sent a reply to his solicitors letter that I had at the start of August saying that he wasn't going to pay anything any more.  The reply was....

Dear Solicitor Lady,
Thankyou for your letter dated 4th August 2010.  I am sorry that you have been set to the trouble of writing about something which He-Ex and I had already sorted out.  However, as he has chosen to place things on a more formal setting, I am emailing you a formal reply, with the options which I feel are available to us at this present time.
1) He-Ex can start paying maintainance again on the 1st September, at 15% of his earnings, as detailed by the court.
2) He-Ex can start paying maintainance again on the 1st September, at 15% of his pension, plus 50% of any school related items I have to buy for AC.
3) He-Ex can choose not to start paying maintainance again on the 1st September, and we will allow an independent body to make the decision for us.  Obviously by this I mean the CSA as that is the professional body appointed in these kinds of cases.
4) He-Ex can chose not to start paying maintainance again on the 1st September, and I will apply for a Residency order for AC giving me sole parental responsibility for him.
As you have said in your letter, I do understand that He-Ex needs to try and maintain a place for AC to stay when he is with him, although this has now been decreased by He-Ex to one weekend a fortnight, with no midweek visiting.  This was He-Ex's decision and was difficult to explain to AC, although he understands now.  As for your instruction to "bear with" your client at this time, well, I've had to do that since he first walked out on AC and I at antenatal classes!  I have "borne with" him through depression, alcohol abuse, bullying, his time on ("Married father of one seeks discreet adult fun!")  amongst other things, and all before AC was a year old.  I "bore with" him for another 18 months after that, before he left claiming I had had an affair with a friend in London, (amongst other people!) when I was living in Marham with a dairy intolerant 2 year old and didn't drive! This latest debacle is nothing new.  As far as I was aware, we had sorted all this out on the doorstep, however, he has chosen to make this formal, and so now I await a formal reply from him, presumably via you.
I look forward to hearing from you,
As of yet, there is no reply......

School is so much easier.

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