Sunday, September 28, 2008

Slow Sunday

Well, this weekend has been a slow one and no mistake.

Here's a question for you. If we can put a man on the moon, fly around the world, make a machine that makes and fills pasta with no human intervention, and communicate all over the world at the touch of a button, then why,



why is it so hard to buy a wardrobe and bring it home and build it?

Yesterday the lovely H and my R cleared the upstairs room of all the She-Ex tat, and the precious things of the BG, and they were placed into the loft. Mostly. There was a lot of books that went up there temporarily.

Today, we went to buy a wardrobe to go into the room. We want to get all that kind of thing out of the bedroom so it is just for sleeping in. It will be lovely when it's done and I'll post pictures. However before that, there are things that need doing, like the room needs plastering (can't afford it right now) and so on. Rather than wait, we wanted to go and buy a cheap wardrobe so that R could get on with the doing of the room and we'll just empty it and paint it later. No problems.

Homebase - home delivery.
Argos - home delivery.
B&Q - have some in stock!
Focus - home delivery
MFI - home delivery.

And home delivery is 14-21 days. This is no good as the plan is for the room to be usable by the time R goes back to the hot and sunny lands.

All we wanted was to buy a wardrobe and bring it home and build it!

In the end we got a very nice pair from B&Q, cream, lovely. More money than we wanted to spend, but will be used in our room later on, so more serviceable than we were thinking.

Right now R isn't well enough to build the wardrobes, so I shall have a go tonight (don't actually need him to do it, but he likes doing that kind of thing and I am busy! YES I am!)

We were supposed to be going to Duxford, but R really wasn't well today. Not good. However, it's the end of the worst weekend of the year for him, so we shall continue moving on.

Flywise, I have done nothing. I am a bad Flybaby. *sigh* I know that that is stinkin' thinkin' but it is the way I feel.

On the other hand, there is lots of clean uniform all over the place, there is clean clothes, there is a home cooked cassarole in the oven, and my son and my OH are happy.

It's all good!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Been a while....

..... since I was here, but that's working for you.

School is going ok. There's some Makaton being learnt, there's some stressing being done, but mostly it's ok. There's a new dictat that says that we have to have something in their books everyday for numeracy and a three times a week for literacy. Right. Cue more marking, more stress, more worry for the children, and more time spent writing Learning Objectives than doing any actual work.

Home is not bad. The He-Ex didn't come for the AC at the weekend again, because his mother took a dramatic turn for the worse, but according to someone I know, he was back in time to go to the pub for lunch the next day. Quality parenting there then. When added to turning up at school drunk to collect the AC (no, I didn't let him) and not having phoned him for months, it just looks like he's losing interest in the AC. I suspect he's in the sack with someone, as this is his usual attitude when a new relationship starts, but actually, it makes my life nicer and easier, so fair play, get on with it, and naff off! It's unfortunate for the AC who will never understand that Daddy is like this, but whilst I can't protect him for ever, I can for a bit longer.

The She-Ex is a whole 'nother story, as they say.

I ranted about it on here, but then I've felt better and filed it away in the other blog. She can't help the way that she is, it's the same basic self centered attitude that a toddler has, where the world is all about them and the other stuff is an irrelevance. It's ok. I'll sort it out this end, like I always do. Which, at the end of the day, is why we're together, and why he's said that if we weren't together he'd rather be on his own than back with her, even if that meant living with the BG was out.

The house is still coming together. Still. We have friends coming round to move the stuff upstairs into the loft on Saturday, because I just can't move stuff. The Doc has said she has no idea what it is, and is referring me to the rheumatologist. Wait and see.

And I've been up since 4am, so I'm going to do some work now.