Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Blood tests? What?

Two weeks ago I went to the doc on a Monday evening because I was in considerable discomfort. As far as I was concerned it was all in my back, and I've been here before when I was expecting the Adorable Child. I expected to go in, be told it was a kidney infection, pick up some antibiotics and that's it, I'm done!

And then the nurse was all about the diabetes finger prick test. And the urine test. And the three vials of blood test.

I got the results today, and there is no massive issue, but the doctor was looking at my c-something protein. Or something.

Apparently it means that I've not been well and that therefore they want to repeat the blood test to see if I'm better. I am, and I'm not. I feel like I've been kicked in the back, and I could drink for England! Admittedly it's water or squash, but I can do a pint in the same way I could when I was a student! Go me!

I have to rest and drink. With a 9year old who thinks he is Benny Hill...... I am, however, thankful for an NHS that sorts out tests because they think I need them, and for a nurse who is the best at blood taking, and for a system that gets my results back in a couple of days and a doctor who tries to explain to me what is going on!

And bins are now on a Thursday not a Tuesday, and the Iron Lady has died. But those are for another post.

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