Monday, August 24, 2009

And another thing....

.... I miss BG.

There's no point asking how she is - I haven't got any answer the last few times I've asked, it's just been about stuff the She-Ex wants from the house.

There's no point writing on the blog - it was barely read whilst Rich was alive, and commented on less than a handful of times in those years.

So there's nothing I can do.

But I do miss her. AC misses her.

Oh well. I guess that's the way it is.


I'm in my jamas.

Today, Charlie and I went and bought fish.

8 white cloud mountain minnows for the Molly tank.
8 Cardinal tetras for the shark tank.
4 Cherry barbs for the barb tank.

Nothing for Dave's tank - he'll eat them.

The tetra's look magnificent in the big tank. I think I might save and save and get another big tank. Not sure where I'll put it yet - probably where this computer desk is now. And in there I'll have a LOT of tetra!

But I probably won't you know. I'll probably do something sensible.

Not today though. Today I'm making a brew, putting on ANTM, and resting, before hopefully an early night. I may even have a beer as the AC isn't here.

Last night's picture

I went up to tuck the child in last night for the 5th time, after a world of up and down-ness and he was already asleep. Looks like he found what he needed to go to sleep with.

Now tell me that their feelings for each other don't matter.

Look me in the eye and tell me.

You can't.

But he slept til 7.45 this morning, which was cool, and good for him!

It's a new day.

It's a new dawn.... and so on!

So far today I have put some lovely pictures up on Facebook (if you want to see them, just leave me a comment!) and made bread, made tea, put a load of washing in, curled up with the child, and just had some us time.

He has now gone to his fathers. I have rubbish tv on whilst I sort his uniform and so on.

He has

2 pairs swimming trunks
15 pairs socks
7 pairs pants
4 pairs trousers
6 white polo shirts
4 weekend t-shirts
2 pairs jeans
2 pairs joggers
2 pairs combats
school coat
school bag
school lunchbox

I have

4 new bras (that fit! Woo!)
7 pairs pants
1 pair jeans
4 pairs black trousers for school
4 t-shirts
3 long sleeve tops
6 pairs socks
funky new purple boots

We saved all over the place on deals, which was good.

But now it all needs washing, ironing, labelling. Ah well.