Friday, March 27, 2009

I went on a date!


I went on a date tonight. Obviously, it was with R, but he took me out for a meal, then for a drink, then to the cinema to watch "Knowing"

It was a good film, very scary in parts, until the end. Which was just stupid. Stooooopid. But that's only my opinion, and I have deliberately not put any spoilers in here because someone might want to go and see the film.

The day was good, the children were lovely, the Ex's are still quiet, the He-Ex is being a little hypocritical (but that's another issue) however the AC is utterly, utterly wonderful. And I'm tired, so I'm probably going to bed now.

I may be back on here later though, (probably to discuss hypocrisy!) you never know!


I am so sleepy today. Late night phone calls are wonderful, and I would never want R not to hear from BG, but oh my I'm tired!

(Well, maybe that had something to do with him coming to bed after the phonecall :-) )

Today is both a very simple and very important day. Hopefully AC will get his reading challenge. He was so pleased to tell R that he had got it and was Stage 7 now. He's really missed R the last couple of days. He's texted night night each night and I've nipped up to tell him when R has had chance to text back. At least this time we can do the same whilst R is away hopefully.

Today is such a milestone for us, and I'm so proud of him for making the step, and doing so calmly and gently, in the way that he does so many things. I was going to leave him a note in his lunchbox (soppy, but I do it every now and again!) but today is no lunches for any of us, but that's ok, I'll find a way ;-) I always do!

After all this rambing, it's time for a shower and dressed and so on. YAY!