Saturday, March 31, 2012

It's the holidays.......

It's the first day of the holidays, and already I am making lists of things I need to do.

I find it hard to sit and do nothing - I have an urge to move and be busy.  Even on the sofa, I like to have things to do.  I'm making a series of dogs over the holiday, for our SEN children at school.  Their topic next half term is dogs, and so the SENCo would like a range of creatures!

I've got to rework the school website and find a policy that will improve our e-safety.  I've got to plan work and so on for the first week back.  I've got the usual stuff to do for school as well as all the extra blog/website stuff.

I've also got to change the boys from the small bedroom to the middle bedroom.  This will be a job of epic proportions.  EPIC.  However, it is doable and I will do it.  The AC needs a bigger room.  His room will turn into the reptile room.

Today though, I need to finish the kitchen and think about what colour we're going to paint it.  J favours a rich red, I like pale greens and blues.  Ultimately though, I don't mind.

Today we talked about the fish tank, and he suddenly stopped, and had a moment of "Yeah, but when we move it'll be a pain in the ......... oh wait........ we don't have to move."  He's right.  We never have to move unless we choose to.  No-one is going to go to his work and tell him he has to move to a new house.  No-one is going to post him to a new base.  This is our house.  We own it.  (admittedly with a mortgage, but I'm working on that!)  we can paint it how we like, put what we like in it, do what we like to it.  It's more than a house, it's our home.

Anyway, I must get on with my list of things to do.  For the next little while, this will involve the kitchen, and probably Dave on tvcatchup.