Wednesday, October 24, 2007

A roof and a duck

That's what I have done so far!

A roof, and a duck.

I'll get there.

I'll post photos soon hopefully.

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Stitching project number 1

I've started sewing again!

I have time (thankyou Fly lady) and I will do this. I am going to make my Godson a Noah's ark for his birthday, and then hopefully some rag dolls for the beautiful Child Abroad, the wonderful Oxford pair, and maybe for some lovely children I know here.

I spent a lovely morning with a pram adn a 3 month old, walking, talking, shopping, just, doing really, whilst his mothr had chance for a sleep, a shower on her own, all that kind of thing. It was .................. what it was.

I feel very reflective today. I know that I have come to the decision that I needed to come to. I feel calm, and centred, and some how ready for whatever comes my way. No doubt there will be attempts at trouble from those outside our little corner of the world, and right now, I don't care. I am tired of their petty games, their small minded attitudes, their victim complex. It is a complete dichotomy, that they (and there is more than one) should have a victim complex alongside a determination that everything is someone else's fault, for they cannot, will not believe that they have any responsibility. Any attempt to show that they have some, not all, but some, responsibility for their situation through the decisions that *they* made, is taken as saying *everything* is their fault.


There is nothing I can do about that. So I shall, for now, do nothing, but stitch love into this Noah's Ark.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Found a new timer....

..... and it's great.

Especially if you work off of two monitors, like I do!

I can have the timer on one monitor, and the work on the other, and keep up to date with them in the middle.

It's a free trial called countdown sequence or something, and I'm going to trial it at school for keeping the children on track with tasks. I know some of them struggle with the idea of a set amount of time, so this should show them how much time they have left for their task, and hopefully allow them to work out what they can do and how to complete it.

Aside from that the day was good. The course was good this morning and the boss binned me from it this afternoon because I was so exhausted from being up with Sam last night.

And the fanfare has gone off, so I must go and clear the bed!


I survived the assault, although Ihave to return to battle this morning as I left it to go and have a soppy phonecall with the missing Man. *sigh*

I have about 30 minutes this morning. Wish me luck..................

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

So it's been a while, yes?

Bonjour mes amis, as the French say but no doubt spell correctly.

It has been a while since I wrote on here, as I went back to school and all went the shape of the pear.

School is great, the children are wonderful but hard work, the parents are great but harder work, and the colleagues are both ends of the spectrum. Hey ho. It's half term next week and life will chill out for a bit as I use the half term to catch up on stuff that just couldn't be done in the term time as we all got used to each other.

I got the Technician to sort out the HIstory CD's in the end, only to find that they were already on there and had been for weeks whilst I was getting it in the neck from all angles.

And now it's almost 3 hours later. I've found the bedroom floor through the simple method of piling stuff on the bed. This will enable me to move the chests of drawers and so on, so that I can put them where I want them and then I can load them up. I've spoken to the Man who is away tonight and he loves me and he misses me and so on. (I know, it's disgusting how loved up we still are after all this time!) and he has reminded me that I haven't had any tea, so I flipping well should. He loves me whatever shape I am, I know, but I also know he likes the UK size 10 me and doesn't want me shrinking any further. He knows I lose weight when I'm stressed, and that heaven knows there is enough to stress me right now!

But hey, what doesn't kill me makes me stronger right?

I am off to make an assault on the bedroom once more, for 12 minutes whilst the pasta cooks. If you smell burning spag bol, please inform my next of kin, and I leave all my worldly wealth to the Man and my brother, in trust for the Adorable Child, as this will mean that the evil civilisation of dust monsters under the bed have claimed me as a sacrificial victim.

Or I forgot I put it on. One of the two.