Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I love it.

I was given some navy blue Corduroy today and there is TONNES of it. Ok, not literally, but there's a lot.

I'm getting off of here at 9pm so I can make with it! A surprise make at that. One with no pattern. One that may not go well. But hey - a person can try!

IN other news, AC is reading this

and we are up to here

which is the "very exciting bit". Sam and Adam are being very brave apparently, and he would do the same thing.

That's nice to know if I ever get stuck on a mountain. I'll have company!

He reads very fluently, but we're still having to work on reading with expression! He'll get there - he is only 5! (Ok, 6 in 17 days - he works it out on the calendar each morning!)

And now BG is calling! YAY! She wants to know if we have exciting news.

Cleaning the kitchen?


Not a very exciting day really. :-)

And I'm back.

And the answer is.....

Wait and see.

No, that's not me being coy, that was the answer.

R is not happy. We're deciding what to do. I can go on like this, I can manage, and it is getting better. The doc could give me things it wasn't but not what it actually was.



Great use of a day.


I hate this bit.

I'm waiting to leave for the hospital. I've phoned up and yes, the clinic is still running. I can see the Dr. I have so many nerves it is unreal, and no reason for them. There's nothing he can't already tell me that I don't already know or suspect.

And besides which, IT WILL ALL BE FINE! I have said so!


Time to get on.

Peculiar day......

.... I think.

Today is going to be one of those strange days. I have hospital at 12noon, but not at my normal hospital, and for no reason that I know of. I've just had a letter and I need to go. Because of when and where it is, R has had to take a day off work (new work is *very* accommodating in many ways) and I have a whole day away from school.

R has offered to do the school run so I don't have to hurry myself *at all* today. I will probably do it though. The walk up there will be nice, I can double check the SATs arrangements with the two most excellent supply teachers, and besides which, it is a long held belief of mine that parents should go to school with their child as much as possible!

There are no pictures this morning, and I thought there would be lots from the Track and Field day that they had at BGs school. I expect they will turn up during the day sometime. The She-Ex is being nice again at the moment. We haven't heard from her about her horse course, but it would be unusual for anyone to fail a hobby based week course! I hope she did well. We have had 5 pictures of the BG though, and an email complaining about the blog, but that's ok. It's her opinion and she's entitled to it. I don't name call or insult her (somewhere I have a list of the things she's called me - I used to amuse myself by ticking them off, looking for originality!) and actually, I quite like her in her own way. I don't think R has had any email at all - they've all come to me again.

We'll see how it all goes. Hopefully R will be able to speak to BG when he calls tonight, or when they call here, or whatever happens. He can tell her how proud we are of her.

I finished the outside of Sambears tent last night, from the technical drawings supplied by R and my son, working together. We shall see how it turns out!

And so onwards!