Wednesday, April 8, 2009

And so to bed...

It's late.

I've just spoken to R and I've emailed BG to let her know I spoke to him. I can only wait for him to call at the moment.

Tomorrows trip to the metropolis that is my home town might be off as mum and dad are not so well at all. Both appear to have some kind of sleeping sickness masquarading as man-flu. The child will be disappointed, but he'll manage - we might go swimming, or the pictures, or anything really - the world is the mollusc of our choice! (Not very fond of oysters!)

This evening was nice with CP and RE round, separatly, although, as RE pointed out, every time she comes round there is a different man here who isn't R! I pointed out a) it was twice, and b) they're both gamers so they don't count!

But now it's late and I am tired and headachy and my legs hurt, so I'm going to sleep.

Night night all!

Which is which?

One of these pictures is a trailer. One is a caravan. Which is which? It's not the usual kind of question I ask but I have received an email from the She-Ex, stating that she does not read my blog, but that she has friends that do.

Ok. That's ok. It's a free country.

And then telling me to learn the language, because I said she lived in a caravan. She does.

As far as this blog, which is written in English (as opposed to American-English) is concerned, she does.

Caravans are where people live who don't live in houses. Or houseboats. Or windmills. Or any other of a myriad of places that people could live in. But they aren't made of bricks.

A trailer is something that goes behind a car and you put rubbish in it to go to the dump. Or wood. Or motorbikes. Or whatever, it's used for transporting goods. Lorries have trailers. (No pun intended, and if you have no idea why that is so funny, don't worry!)


Ok, well I had no intention of posting this yet, I was just venting, laughing, and leaving it on draft. I wrote it on here because I had started an email in reply and had though "Y'know what - this is only going to wind her up, leave it!"

I thought I saved it to draft.

Turns out it just sends it later on. Even when I thought I'd deleted it LOL!

So I had an email from her this morning with an American dictionary definition of caravan. It clearly says, at the bottom, "chiefly British : a house on wheels, a trailer" I'm British. I write from England. There you go!

This is a trailer in England. I suspect she does not live in one of these.

This is a caravan in England. I suspect this is more like that which she lives in, although we have never actually seen any photographs of where the BG lives, despite asking for them.

I personally like bricks and mortar for living in, but I appreciate that different countries do different things. Some of the American houses in the towns that are made of wood look lovely, and I'm guessing would be easily repairable in the event of dry rot or whatever.

The She-Ex doesn't read the blog, her friends do, and they tell her stuff. *shrug* I don't mind who reads it. If I minded, it wouldn't be here! Regardless, here's a little factoid for anyone who reads this blog.

It's my blog.

I will use the words I know, from my country, and will not be told to learn anyone elses language to suit them. If a person doesn't like what I write then, as I've said before, hit the little x button and it all goes right away!


Faith and Trust

I went into town for my sewing lesson, all went well, she's a lovely lady and the grandmother of one of the lovely children I teach.

Then I went to the dentists to meet N and his mother, and all went very very smoothly. N was so brave, so strong, and just lay there, his eyes locked on mine, whilst the dentist took the tooth out. He had such trust in his eyes when he looked at me, because I said it would be ok, because I said it would be fine, and therefore it would be. And therefore it was.

His mother was amazed at the difference, as was the dentist and the nurse, who were equally amazed that his teacher had come, in the holidays, to give him some support. But isn't that what teaching is about? It's about the whole child, in the community in which the child lives. It's not just about the SATs results and the scores, it's about growing a whole child, rounded in every way.

That takes me having faith in the child, and the child placing his trust in me, that whatever I do will be for his good.

Today was humbling in so many ways.

Ok, well,

... I've done nothing this morning so far but slowly finish the quilt.

I couldn't get the hang of the binding thing, so I've stitched the edges instead, as I also think they will be softer for the small child to snuggle under, as that is the plan for this quilt.

It's not brilliant.

The seams don't always match.
The oversewing meanders slightly.
The colours are slightly in the wrong places.

Professionals may tut-tut at me, but I am absurdly proud of the progression of this, from old jeans to soft and snuggly quilt, stitched with love for the small child, for those nights when just a duvet isn't enough, or when curling up on the sofa requires a cover.

I have a sewing lesson later today, to which I shall take my pictures, and then I might even book myself a quilting class. Depends on the cash, 'cos there isn't a lot of that at the moment lol!

It is in situ now, awaiting his approval......

Morning world!

What a gorgeous day! The quilt currently looks like this.

Except I've now stitched around the edges and trimmed the extra blanket off from the underneath.

I'm going to get some binding as I don't have quite enough to do the long edges.

I really like it, I've really enjoyed doing it, and I am so glad that I have still had time to clean the kitchen, the dining room and the lounge as well as do all the other stuff that needed doing.

I would love to be a stay at home mother again, even though I love my job and my children at school (I'm even going with one of them to the dentist later because he is so scared!) but if I was home I could do this all the time!

When the small boy was small, I was at home, from what was supposed to be 2 weeks (but was 4 because he strolled out late!) before he was born, to when he was 2.5, when I had to go to teach and he had to go to nursery, or else we'd have had no home!

I loved being at home with him, but now, with him at school, there would be very little point in me giving up work as I have the time off when he does! The only difficulty is inset days, and R usually can cover those, and is a great father to him. They have very silly days together, and I very much doubt I know all that goes on! LOL!

I look at them together, and I see how much they love each other, and I wish that BG could be here for this, to see what a great father she has, that he's not a "monkey in a suit" as her mother says she is determined to paint him to her, that he had a chance to show her what a father should be, and can be. I would love her to share our family life, enjoy going up to the park, going swimming, just baking and reading and loving and loving together.

There's nothing we can do though. The She-Ex has said that BG will never come here, never have any time with me, never go more than an hour from their caravan with us if we ever went there, and so we may not see BG until she is old enough to make up her own mind.

We can wait, because it'll be worth it. BG is so worth it.

Lol. Where did all that come from? I thought I was writing about quilting! Oh well.

I've eaten a couple of oranges for breakfast, so I'll have something else in a while. Toast I think! I need to get a fair few things done this morning, then go into town for 1.30 for my lesson, and then meet L at 3.20 at Boots to go up to the dentist.

I may get chance to post again, but it may not be until lots later, because of the busy time today will be.

but the AC is back at 6pm, and I *cannot* wait! I miss that boy! I will never understand the "I need a break from the kid s/he 's driving me nuts!" mentality. I would love a houseful.