Wednesday, July 8, 2009

New chair!

Very soon my new chair will be delivered.

Ok, so it's only new to me.

And the caretaker from school who I am getting it off is delivering it.

And I'm paying him after payday (his idea!)

But, I'm excited. Some days I struggle and this should make life easier. The main reason, but he doesn't know this, is so that R can use it as well and it should make life easier for him. But he'd never do something like this for himself, so he thinks he's doing it for me. LOL!

We are so lucky. He is so lovely. We had a loooooooooooooooooong talk last night, and it clarified things for both of us. We still aren't sure what will happen, or what the best thing to happen is, but we are both in a place where we accept that what happens is the will of *insert deity of choice* and that is a good feeling. He loves me, I love him, we love the AC and the BG, the AC loves us both, the BG loves her Daddy. In a physical sense, that's all we need to give us the strength to go forward.

And now, I am going to make my new chair a space, and enjoy it. It gets here at 6......

Sitting and staring

So after yesterday's very busy day which consisted of a trip to Green Quay all morning, writing thankyou letters all afternoon, we have another busy day for me lined up.

Numeracy (Making beebot mats)
Literacy (Look and Read)
Science (separating solids and liquids)
PPA - also known as me going home and working, although, tbh, I might stay at school and mark books ready to send home.

Although, I think we might have a jazz band coming in this morning to play, no one was really sure last night.

The End Of Term just ambles it's way through treats and trips, films and freeplay. We are 8 working days away from holidays now, and 8 days from me seeing the back of this year at school.

The children have been wonderful, the year itself has been diabolical. The stress of changing head, (which will continue as the new one can't start til Jan. Probably) the stress of a high energy using SEN section, whom I love, but who need so much extra, the added stress of the peculiarities of the He and She Ex's, the physical challenges that this year has brought, the mental stress that they have caused, even through stupid things like there having been *no* photos for over a month or him deliberately not taking the AC to his martial arts class. Or things like the immortal "Apart from" email.

And of course the ChickenPox.

However, there have been many highlights, like N understanding words finally, and C going through her homelife and coming out strong, Ch counting to 5 and using 3 words, CaptainH using 2 signs to make a sentence (biscuit please!) The Top Pack getting excellent grades when they finally realised they had to put some effort in, all those things.

It's been good in so many ways, and those are the ways I will focus on. I will not allow others to colour my view of life with their incessant negativity and nastiness!