Thursday, February 19, 2009

A very enjoyable morning.

Well, we left here, and we went to town.

We had a lovely morning, that involved the Adorable Child sitting in an amoured vehicle as the Weekend Warriors were recruiting. Actually, I feel mean calling them that now that they are all seeing active service in the desert. I'll stop. Probably. Moving on....

..... we had £30 of accident in the Works, and for that £30 got 6 books about different kinds of machines for the AC, a Dot to Dot book for him, some notecards for me - technically for other people as I do tend to send them - and some cooking books. Oh and a tub of dinosaurs.

..... we went to the Mart and bought sweets and I will feel sick soon. That's a given. I don't eat sweets as a rule, and nougat and fudge and candy floss are bound to have an effect on me soon!

..... we had lunch at Burger King and apparently gave a lady hope that her stoppy 18month old will one day be a calm and gentle and well behaved 5 year old, after telling her that the AC used to do the same thing.

..... we pottered about town, got my boots reheeled, front door key cut, all that kind of thing that needed doing, did the She-Ex's money, which took ages, and we're just vegging out now for a little bit. We might go to the Aquatics shop for plants, and we might not lol! I've written to my Nanna.

I love days like today! I must remember to blog about the Incident in the Post Office later.

Slow chicken?

So in the slow cooker for tonights tea is a whole chicken.

I've never done one like this before, but having dug around on the web I've cobbled together a recipe, but no cooking time - guess I just have to leave it until it's done!

In the bottom of the pot is

3 quarters of lemon,
3 quarters of onion
3 garlic cloves

Then the chicken, which I took all the skin off of (apart from the wings - too darn fiddly!) which has the other quarter of lemon, the other quarter of onion, and the other clove of garlic delicately placed into it's internals!

There's about 1/4 pint of water in there as well.

It's on HIGH.

We'll see what happens.

In other news, everything is much better today. The house feels different - I think we did get rid of the misunderstandings. We got complacent about having dealt with all our baggage, and then when it cropped up again, we just had to redeal. It's all good!