Sunday, March 1, 2009

Giving and being given?

So this weekend, I thought I'd do a brief run down of what I personally have given and have given to other people.

Given to me.

1) HUGE amounts of cuddles and kisses from the AC and R.
2) VAST amounts of time and sympathy and understanding and support from R, right down to helping the AC wash his hair because I couldn't bend over enough to do it.
3) Jamie Magazine, courtesy of R.

Given by me.

1) Volunteered to do the notices at Church. So that's just time, effort and patience. As well as allowing huge amounts of people I don't know access to my phone number, my email address, and numerous other things.
2) Book on castles to the AC, which he just sat upstairs reading and sounding out "Soldiers like to play dice and chat in their spare time."

And now I'm struggling. I could include things I cook and bake extra to meals, but I like doing that.

Maybe I'm not such a giving person after all lol! Maybe so much is given on such a regular basis that what could be seen as giving is seen by me as routine and therefore someone elses right.

For example, I will try and make time to do the blog for the BG tonight. Theroetically, that is me, giving my time, when I don't have it spare, to further the relationship between BG and her father. But I do it every week that he is in the country, so is it giving my time, or is it part of my routine?

Is it even worth doing?

I hope so. But I don't know. At least they can't say we haven't tried.

New blog month!

A message to all members of NaBloPoMo The theme for March blogging is GIVING (UP). If you choose to blog on the theme, you can write about what you give to your friends, your job, your world, or yourself every day. That "up" in parentheses gives you the option to also write about things you're throwing out, quitting, recycling, or eliminating from your life right now.

I really enjoyed Feb's blog month, and the idea of blogging every day certainly appealed to me. There were times when life got in the way, and times where I blogged more than once in the day, so whilst blogging 31 times in 28 days seems ok, it's not so as it should be at least once every day.

I got the email with the new theme in last week, and since then my mind has been buzzing with ideas and things that I could both do and write about. Giving up is becoming less of a strange concept to me in so many ways. It's something I'm not very good at, but something others seem to be able to do in buckets, and I guess somewhere in the middle is a happy medium.

R has given up smoking, and it's been over 2 years now. Long enough that I've forgotten just how long it has been. I am so proud of him for doing that.

AC is too young to give things up really, he's barely got things started!

My mother gives up chocolate for a month at a time. Then she eats it for a while, then gives it up for a month.

I've currently given up tea for Lent.

Other things to think about though is the fact that the (up) was in parenthesis. Which means that the topic of "Giving" is on the board as well.

Interesting..... Veeeeeeeeeeery interesting Mr Bond...........

In other news, it was a weird night, with having a very odd dream which involved there being a wardrobe in my Nanna's house that took us through to a parallel dimension which was fun to start with and I was going to school with Ru and someone else when the head suddenly turned into an insane villain and was murdering people in what turned out to be like a boarding school complex. We had to find the right cupboard to get back through, and this involved running, hiding, fear, terror, disguises, (think Scooby Doo!) and then we found the cupboard, which was great except the door was busted and so the portal wouldn't work, and then my deputy head from the school I'm working at now IRL turned up with a purple teddy bear, and strapped to the purple teddy bear was the missing number of our party, as that's what the head had been doing to the children he wasn't cutting the throats of (not that I saw any of that, apparently I'm squeamish in dreams over that kind of stuff as well!) and once all three of us were together the portal worked and we ended up back at my Nanna's house. There was another portal which would have taken us to China, which we all knew in the back of our minds, but didn't really consider as an escape route.

And then I woke up, exhausted lol! My neck is heavy today - I had to go to bed in the end last night to rest it because it ached so much. Oh, and we're going out to get new pillows today, to see if that helps! There won't be many places open, but we'll see.

Btw, this is a picture of Dave's moulted shell. He's doing very well, is a LOT bigger, and I'll try and get some good pictures of him in a few days when he's had chance to adjust and harden up again. He's a lovely lad, and very entertaining to have as a housemate - never leaves the seat up nor puts a miniscule amount of milk back in the fridge!