Tuesday, February 7, 2012

It's early.

I'm sitting up, with my boy snuggled next to me, with the smell of baking bread wafting through the house, and in the sure and certain knowledge that the world could be a much worse place.  There are days that start like this.  There have been times, months, that I thought that the world would never feel like this, that I would never find hope and joy again, but I did.  Never give in to doubt and uncertainty Dear Reader, or they will be all you know.

Yes.  That was deliberately patronising.


Today we must shift lots of stuff so that the front room is clear because my parents have offered to decorate the front rooom for us if we provide the stuff.  That sounds so much better than "We tried hanging wallpaper and got it all wrong and they are coming over to save our backsides from having a nasty looking house."  The latter is closer to the truth that the former.......  but it does show that my parents love us in a very practical and helpful way. They are so lovely, and all my dad has asked is that we move the snakes who live in the room out into another room.  NO problem!  I can do almost anything for someone who is going to decorate our house.

Today is also Week 4 of Being Improved.  I am seeing some benefit from the course as it impacts my classroom teaching.  I have also been told I am "inspiring" and that I have really made a difference to their childs life.  I'm glad about that.  It's why I do the job.  That and the pay and the holidays.

Today is also 60 years to the day that the young Princess Elizabeth woke up a Queen for the first time.  I can't imagine what that was like.  To lose ones father, and inherit so much responsibility, so much honour, must be a deep thing.  She has served us so well, through the 60 years of her reign, never stinting, never not giving of her best, never letting the side down and always, always maintaining that Englishness of which we can be so proud.  As an Englishwoman, living in what was once described to me as "drippy old England" I am glad that we have her.

Yesterday was the day I got to guest blog over at Bod-for-tea's place.  It was an interesting experience to see my words on someone elses page.  Makes me want to write again! (and that would take up less space than sewing!)

Laters my lovelies - I must shift furniture!