Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In the back garden last night.....

J "Are we going to have another night like last night tonight?"

Me. "What like last night?"

J "Where you can't lie still and you're thrashing and whimpering?"

Me. "Ah.  Possibly, but I wouldn't think so."

J "You only watched 20 minutes of the film."

Me. "Yeah.  When I told you, and everyone else told you, that I don't do horror films?  We all meant it.  Really, I don't."

J "Oh well.  You know I still love you though, right?" *snuggles me*

Me "Yep.  I know." :-)


I am going to watch the film though.  I am going to learn to like horror films.  OK, maybe not like, but certainly be able to watch more than 20 minutes of latex and corn syrup without being "paralysed with fear with tears running down her face" as he told Malc at work.  It's pathetic, I'm 35, (with the body of a 25year old, as I was told the other day - but it's ok, I'll dispose of that in half term....) and I can't watch something like that.  I know it's to do with my ability to suspend belief in reality, and how good I am at that, which conversely, makes me an excellent gamer and rpg-er, and means I can read fast and with good understanding because I make my own pictures quickly and easily, but it's a pain in the posterior for something like this.

We also had a long chat about Eastenders last night.  Now to my mind, that's an awful programme.  Along with the other soaps it is the modern opiate for the masses, but 'Enders is more of a heroin than the cannabis that the others are.  However, I'm going to be watching and paying attention to it, and it will be an interesting part of my ongoing love-hate relationship with the television.

In other news, the AC and I had a wonderful time yesterday afternoon, just chilling out and being us.  J is now having his son every evening, which is lovely for him, and contrary to what is thought, will not stop us seeing each other lol!  Why can't ex-wives just move on?  Especially when *they* were the ones that left?  *they* chose to end it, to run off, and yet they then choose to make life difficult for the man they dislike so much to be happy.  Thankfully I can, hand on my heart, say that AC's father and I have a much more grown up relationship than that, and that actually, I'd quite like him to be happy with someone else.  He's not, and he won't be, because he's a control freak, and that's why his last 3 relationships have ended, but I wish he would be.

Oh well.  Ours is not to reason why!