Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Update the second

Well, I got distracted.

It happens. I am my mother's daughter.

And so, in order to refocus myself, I went with the quilting option that I had been putting off for a while. I started this thing in November, from a pile of jeans that I needed to use so that I stopped wearing them.

Some were just old and tired. But still fitted. I could only wear them in the house because the knees had gone, but that was ok.

Some were too big, and left over from my size 16 days. US people, I think that's a size 14. Whatever, it was in my heifer days. As in Size of a Cow by The Wonder Stuff. I loved the Wonder Stuff. Almost as much as, in those days, I liked cake.

I still like cake. But these days I exercise and I get lots of what has been referred to as the mattress mambo (which expression made me laugh!) and I don't eat as much rubbish, nor drink as much alcohol, hence I am back to a trim size 10. US people, I think it's a size 8. If I'm wrong, leave me a note lol!

Size 10 is still overweight apparently, but I'm 34, I'm 5ft 3, and I'm happy, the man thinks I am the most gorgeous creature he has ever seen, and that suits me!


And by the way, that's the way today has been. Distracted.

So (what was I on about?) Oh yes, the quilt.

So I made it from a lot of old jeans, cut into squares, stitched together by hand into strips, and then I had to stop, because I had blisters. Denim is hard stuff.

Now I have a sewing machine, I went with the sewing the strips together option, as opposed to the sorting clothes upstairs option.

Please to observe the results thus far.

It's bigger than this, this is just a photo of about half of it I think. I have an old blanket to go underneath it, and then probably a flannel back on it.

I think it looks quite lovely. We'll ignore the fact that some of the seams don't match up and that there's a couple of squares in the wrong place for the colours to go properly, and focus on the fact it's my first one, and it's functional, and I like it.

I love it.

Update the first

2 hours in, and whilst not working at my hardest level, I've certainly achieved some stuff.

everyone up and fed.
den deconstructed and items carefully folded to the sofa
dryer done
washing done but now needs drying.
bins out
Photos to memory stick as a surprise for the He-Ex
clear sink side
wash sink side
small table
de-random-junk the sides
emptied dishwasher
cleared sofa
Watched ANTM whilst doing all this stuff as well.

And having an interesting discussion on Facebook about faith and vodka. Blog later on that!

I've eaten my shreddies, andI'm off to carry on the sorting.

No sign of the gasman yet!

This house won't clean itself!

...... 32 hours at least.

AC has been collected by his father, the Electric man has been and gone, the Gas man is still coming some time before 8pm (!) and I am going to used this time of forced inside-the-house-ness to do STUFF.

everyone up and fed.
den deconstructed and items carefully folded to the sofa
dryer done
washing done but now needs drying.
bins out
Photos to memory stick as a surprise for the He-Ex


clean mini-pig
water test all 4 tanks
water changes where necessary

swish and swipe
evict old bottles
flannels to wash

clear in front of the washing machine - this is apparently some kind of dumping ground!
ad infinitum.
ad nauseum.

clear oven side
clear end
clear sink side
clean oven
defridgemagent the fridge
clean fridge

small table
de-random-junk the sides
clean tops of tanks
windowlene tanks

dining room
clear table
sort fabric

shoes upstairs

AC's room
change bed
discover the floor
clothes away from washinng
remove all nonfitting clothes for charity shop in the morning

Our room
sort washing (it's all clean - just everywhere!)
put away.

Office - start dejunking

We want to be able to decorate the office in the summer to move into there ready for the winter, leaving the middle bedroom free for guests/playroom for the AC.

Actually, writing that out, it's a lot less of a list than it usually is. I must be getting somewhere with the routines and remembering to do stuff.


Drink and sit down, then get on at 1030. 15's each room I think!

I might even do before and after photos!

So today......

Today I have to stay in. All day.

The Gas and Electric man is coming to read the meter at some point today, some point between 8am and 8pm. Which means I have to get dressed vefore 3pm, unlike yesterday. My mother was appalled by this, until she realised that as the AC (usually) and I (all the time) sleep in the rudey-nudey, our jama's were in fact clean clothes and we hadn't been in the same clothes for how ever many hours that would have been.

I woke the AC up in the end and he went to the toilet and walked himself upstairs to bed. Well crawled. Anyway, he got to bed, and I don't think he even noticed! It was just too cold and too uncomfotable for him to leave him sleeping on a floor all night. I know there are children all over the poorer parts of the world who do this every night, but he doesn't have to, he has a bed so he should be in it!

And now he's up. As I have 9am today to 6pm tomorrow without him, I am off to snuggle.


And there *will* be laters.