Monday, March 16, 2009


That's my halo hitting the floor.

I spent most of the evening msning with my brother trying to (and succeeding in!) working out formulas for his timesheet for work.

We did it in the end, but I've marked 2 books.

Early start it is then!


The man surprised me with a couple of tubs earlier.

I'm full now..........

I'm not working.

And I should be.

I will.

I'm going to mark the Literacy books at 9.00 watching ANTM (I know, trailer trash tv! LOL!) then work on the laptop to figure out what I'm doing tomorrow for improving the environment in topic. Then look at the literacy for tomorrow, check I've got the maths sorted in my own head - it's espresso stuff so it's not hard - and the afternoon is PPA, but I've volunteered to sort out the children left behind from the cross country and take them down to the Walks to watch and so on. In my own time, I might add, when I could be sat on my bum in the staffroom planning work!

I'm so good! *smug polishing of halo LOL!*

So to work!

Silence is not golden :-(


I didn't get chance to post last night because we were busy, there were lots of people around and so on.

And I was irritated, and thought I would be better waiting before I said something rude. I know, I know, it's my blog and I can be as rude as I like in my own space, and it's not like I know anyone who reads it anyway (which is a good thing for all the tripe it contains mostly!) but it was still better to calm and chill and focus on the man last night.

Around 4.30 my parents turned up, and around 5pm we sat down for tea. The boys, obviously, turned up around 5.15 so I made drinks and got them sat down and had at utterly happy moment and one point when I looked around the table, and it was like something out of the Waltons (but with less children, obviously) Dad and PB and R were discussing design issues on Grand Designs, C and B and Mum were talking about the governments influence in schools, and Sam was curled up on my lap, almost asleep having eaten to a fullness. The centre of the table was groaning with homemade food, which was disappearing at a rate of knots. The world was a good and happy place. We had warm cheese scone round, bread for sandwiches, banana bread, scones and jam, shortbread biscuits, and plenty of tea and coffee, and it was almost all homemade that afternoon. I love that. I love knowing I made the things that they all enjoyed so much. P said to me it was like a big old-fashioned family tea - like Sunday teas used to be!

The AC and R were pleased to see each other, and AC got a bit over excited about seeing R home, and ended up with a bit of a later bedtime, but that's fine, he was asleep by 8 which is plenty late enough for under 11's on a school night lol!

R and I were very pleased to see each other, and couldn't keep our hands away from each other, just for the joy of being able to reach out and touch the other person. When everyone had gone, and the AC was in bed, we had a chat about the weekend and things that had happened and so on, and then I did work, and he played a game, and even then we chose to work in the same space so that we could chat and touch. Like me, he had missed the little things, the brushing past, the glances when we think the other isn't looking.

Then it was time for the phonecall to the BG, as usual. 1st time of dialling, no answer. 2nd time of dialling, 20 mins later, and apparently she's gone out with the neighbours for 3 hours. We were both annoyed, not because she was out, because hopefully she'll have a lovely Sunday afternoon, much nicer than being stuck indoors, but would it have killed someone to let us know? Probably. *sigh* Times like this, it feels like more than the thoughtlessness it usually is, and which we're used to, and more deliberate. It's more likely that the phone wasn't heard the first time, and then the assumption was that Daddy wasn't calling, and heaven forbid the call comes towards us unless it's to launch a random tirade of abuse or to do it like last weeks "We're going out so talk now or not at all" type call.

But it's ok, we'll talk to her eventually, the She-Ex keeps telling us how busy she is over there and so on, and at least she's earning now and has a proper job to support the BG. But it does make me glad we aren't still paying the $50 for the phonecalls that we paid almost every month since she's been gone, nor yet the $50 for the swimming lessons a month that she had about 2 months worth of and we kept paying for.

Oh well.

Moving on. Venting is nice! Last nights venting would have been more annoyed, but it's ok, we're used to it by now. There was no email this morning to explain what happened, but we're used to that as well. We'll find out, or we won't.

This week looks like being the first normal week that the children and I have had in a while! There's nothing exciting on, our class assembly is over, I'm not on a course, everything should be as on the timetable. Today is French, Numeracy, Literacy, PE, Quiet reading, ICT, assembly, home! The boss is out doing yet another thing, (which means I cannot tell him what I was asked about at church!) and so we shall meander through the day, doing the things the children *need* to do.

Everything is ready for R and teh AC to get up and dressed, I need to go and have a shower and then my clothes are ready, and the world is a gorgeous place. Lovely!