Friday, July 10, 2009


And so to bed.

A long, hard, hectic, painful day.

Best bits?

Knowing my son was happy to stay home with R and R was happy and capable to look after him, and they would have a great, if careful, day together, because they love spending time together.

What else could I ask for? Apart from.......

One of *those* days....

You know with it's going to be one of those days. The battery is flat on the car. The milk is a touch off. That kind of day.

And then....

Poor baby. The AC came to school with me today, and whilst outside, before school started, he fell off a bench (during a game of 40-40-IN!) and this was the result. A mighty bump.

It's dried over ok now, he spent the day at home with R and I went back to school.

Major ouches.

His father thinks that it's much better for him to be with me and whilst I agree with him for a variety of reasons, I do disagree with the phrase "Well I have a lot to do with Nana, so it's worked out for the best actually."

The She-Ex is badly spoiling for some kind of fight, but hasn't had one. Other things to think about, other priorities lol! I was proud of R though, because no matter how she antagonised him, he just said, "AC is up, I don't want to have this conversation now." Lovely. Just.... lovely.

Like we always say.

Ex's for a reason..............

So a quiet night, a quiet day and then whatever Sunday brings! (It's still a surprise!)

There's no *I* in team.....

... and at my school, there's no "f"in team either.

Go with me on that one!

Anyway, I've done the work, stayed up late, got up early, the usual thing.

Sobbed my way through the end of Torchwood CoE4. We're downloading them all on iPlayer and then R and I will watch them on Saturday as a oneshot. And I have 6 more school days left until the holidays.

We're going out on Sunday. I don't know where. I know we're back in time for phonecall to BG, obviously, although she was so sweet last night and told her Daddy that they were camping this weekend. No email from her mother, but that's fine, BG is old enough to manage a message! (Personally, I'd do both for something like this, because phonecalls matter when that's all there is, but never mind!)

So yes, we're out on Sunday. I need to provide a pack lunch for the boys and I. We may need wet weather stuff. I have *no idea* where we are going, but we'll all enjoy it! Apparently! I love it when he arranges surprises like this. He's such a sweet and amazing man.

We have reached the stage of acceptance, in many other matters. We have heard from our MP and are waiting to hear his next recommendation, but he seems behind us. I have a strong belief in making the elected work for us, and this isn't the first time we have had contact, nor will it be the last.

Not a huge deal to say today really - so tired!

And so desparately trying to be nice and not unkind when there is so much unkindness in me at the moment. Well it can stay there. I don't need to say it unless I am provoked and even then I can choose not to. I can be the bigger person. (well, in this regard!)