Monday, April 6, 2009

Den pictures

So today we built the best den in the world. It has been a starship, a rabbit hole, and now it's a bedroom.

Yes, the AC is, as the alst picture will show, currently tucked up in the den. I'm not entirely sure what I'm going to do with him - I'm reluctant to leave him there all night as it's not that comfortable a floor!

But it has been a wonderful day, just AC and me. And we have missed R like mad, because he would have loved today, he is such a family person that being away from us is hard for him. Being away from the BG in unbelievably hard, but he copes, because that is the reality forced upon us all.

We have not heard anything from the She-Ex, I assume she has her money now, and that's it for the next month. I don't want to believe this, but the evidence is there. We can but hope though, that something softens in her heart and we at least get to speak to BG on Friday. Photos are too much to ask lol, but one day we will.

I'm not thinking about her anyway, today has been too good a day to spoil it with thoughts of the She-Ex.

And now I'm going to have boiled egg and airmen (no soldiers in this household lol!) and watch ANTM.


If that's the worst of my addictions, I think I'm doing ok!

Jama day!

Dear world,

Today is jama day. Today is den building day. Today is a day to do very little except enjoy the company of my son, without spending any money, going out of the house, or doing anything at all really that involves other people.

It's a day just to be us. We both wish R was here to share it, but he has to do the work thing, which is great - he's improving things for all of us with the things he's doing, and we love him for it. (amongst other things!)

But today is our day!

We're still in our jamas!

lots of love

Sarah and the AC