Friday, March 20, 2009

Email quotes

Email quotes, that was it!

The thing I had forgotten I intended to blog about.

My email sig used to say this.
Immature love says: 'I love you because I need you.' Mature love says 'I need you because I love you.'
Erich Fromm

"The hardest lesson of all: That people only have their kind of love to give, not our kind." Mignon Mclauglin.

Over the years it has said many things. I think one of my favourites was "The truth may be out there, but the lies are inside your head." which is a Pratchett quote. And we love Pratchett.

I might put it back to that.

I also loved

"When someone asks, what would Jesus do? remember a valid answer is to get mad and turn over tables." Anon.

The first quote on there at the moment, the one about mature and immature love, struck me with a whoomp! about 5 months ago. For many reasons, I have loved in the first way. Now, I love in the second one. I need him, because I love him. Not because I am afraid to be on my own, not because I am only half a person when I'm not in a relationship, not purely because the AC needs a man around, although all of those things have been said to me by others. R is here, because I love him and he loves me. Because of that, we need each other. He was away for 46.5 hours last weekend. I missed him like fury. Not because I needed him to take the bin out or take me places or whatever, but because I missed *him*.

My quotes change at different times in my life. The truth one was when I, we, were searching for the truth from the Ex's. And then we realised that we all have our own perceptions of the truth, that no doubt they both saw their behaviours as acceptable, because they understood the reasoning behind them, where we didn't and couldn't understand.

The nonviolence quote, about not only refusing to shoot a man, but refusing to hate him, came at a time when I was giving up on the relationship with the She-Ex, in order to set us both free from the pain it was causing us. We're a lot happier without it, although we know a lot less about the BG and get a lot less pictures (6 this year so far I think, though it may be as many as 8) but our hope is that the BG is happier with a lot less stressed and emotionally volatile mother, because every time she spoke to me she ended up upset. Hopefully, as things mature, and the divorce is through, we'll be able to have an adult relationship, which would be in the BG's best interests long term (I'm not going anywhere lol!) but we'll have to see. There's still no sign of the papers, and no mention of them on the phone from the She-Ex.

A new quote needs much thinking of.


Too many typos. Everything is taking ages to correct because I'm so tired.

Bed for me I think!

BUT! R just told me the BG got 10/10 on her spellings. *proud what-ever-I-am moment* He and I are really pleased with her, and I bet her mother is as well! She's a clever girl! YAY!

Clock changes

Ah ha.

You know when everything suddenly becomes clear?

Well, now they have. The clocks have changed in the US last week. The She-Ex has cheerfully not mentioned this to us, leading to us phoning the BG an hour later (as far as she is concerned). One could debate the deliberateness, or not, of this lack of communication any way one likes, but never mind, it is the way it is, and obviously we'll be letting the She-Ex know when our clocks change, so that we aren't confusing the child any more than life already does lol! We'll adapt our calling schedule to suit, same as we always do, it just would have been nice to have been told. Same as a lot of things.

In other news, the AC went off to Daddy's this afternoon , with birthday present and card, lovely, well remembered me! I also got cards for my father, and my nephew. Did I remember a Mothering Sunday card? Nope. I'll have to pick one up tomorrow. It may well arrive with my lovely mother late, but at least it will be there. We may be able to drop it in, we'll see how things are. At the moment we're planning a quiet weekend, pottering and doing stuff.

I'm planning one so quiet that I may be going to bed very, very, soon. There's a fairly long list of things to do tomorrow, but they are all home things. It'll make the blog boring, but well, the BG needs to know that we don't have exciting lives all the time! She needs a true reflection of her father, which is what we give her through the blog.

There was other stuff I had to say tonight, but I've forgotten - yep! I'm that tired today. Weird.

Early doors on Friday!

I love Friday at the moment.

R turns up at school to pick me up early, (early by my standards - school has obviously finished, children gone home, that kind of thing.) so I see the AC off to footy practice with the He-Ex and then grab my stuff and make like a tree.

Some Friday nights we go into town and have tea out. Some nights we come home. Tonight was a home night, via Pets at Home (good deal on cat food at the moment) and stuff for the guinea-pig and mini-pig. Got back, R fixed Rachel-at-school's laptop as the part had arrived finally, and now we're sat, chilling, debating what's for tea. R is hungry having been to the gym today. I'm not so, because I had hot dinners. We'll probably have chinese and then sit and snuggle up in front of a film. Or we'll play WoW together. Or we'll do something else lol!

Tomorrow is kitchen and downstairs day. Won't take long, and R has said he'll sort out the kitchen, which is great. The animals all need doing as well, so that's an hour's work. I've got some marking to do, which the AC has asked me to wait until the Sunday to do because he likes us doing "homework" at the same time.

Life is good.

Very, very good.

Just got to see how the phone call tonight goes, that's all. But let's not trouble trouble until it troubles us! Hopefully the She-Ex will be at work so BG will chat more. IF BG is home and not some other place just because. The most and total contact it is is about 30 minutes out of their lives over three phone calls in a week.

Never mind.

Lets get back to life being good until about 9pm, and then see what happens!

Sucess is mine!

I did it!

Be warned.

There could be a whole avatar post this weekend!

But this is what my Yahoo one looks like at the moment. Just chilling really!

Avatars and stuff.

I have a wiiiiiiiiiiide range of avatars. I like them! In a way that I never enjoyed dolls when I was a girl, I love changing the clothes on the avatar to suit my mood, changing the backgrounds to reflect what I feel or where I'd like to be.

Today's Yahoo avatar (which you can't see Dear Reader, because I haven't worked out how to do that yet!) is in the woods, with waistlength brown hair, black jeans and a black jumper. It's sunset in the woods, and she's looking all serene.

Yesterdays was wearing shorts and halter top set with a cushion that said "I love you" on it. Because I do. And I'm not sorry for it lol!

I like looking at other peoples avatars and wondering whether they are an accurate reflection of themselves. In some ways I think I'd rather see an avatar than a picture. It's not because I don't like my body or whatever (hey, what's not to like lol!) just because I like the anonimity of t'interweb. After all, if I wanted real people, I'd go out more often! I like vicariously living in other people's lives, learning about people without having to try and do small talk, which I feel I am no good at. R tells me that I am good at people, but I'm not so sure. We're looking forward to a quiet weekend this weekend, not going anywhere (well, maybe Pets at Home and Tesco!) and probably not doing very much. We'll take the boy to the park and sit and have a coffee and watch him play. We'll end up playing as well if the park isn't too busy mind you!

In other news, well, there is none really! Still no Fed-Ex, and no card to say they tried to deliver, still no keyboard, and no card to say they tried to deliver (although that was only ordered on Tuesday - so not surprising!) and I had to send a child home yesterday after he went to sleep on my lap. He wasn't just asleep though, he was practically unconscious. No reactions to anything. Weird. We'll see if he's in today. Mum said if he woke up should she bring him back, and I said no, it was only swimming in the afternoon, and we don't want a very sleepy child in the swimming pool! The bizarre thing was, for me, that there is nothing in the handling policy for that situation, no protocol to follow when a child is dropping asleep infront of you, whilst he's standing up. So I sat him on my lap whilst I finished teaching the talking bit, and intended to get him a drink and some cool air when I'd done, but within 3 minutes (it was timed this time!) he was asleep! Bless his heart.

We made it to payday though. And that's a good thing. It was a little tight towards the end, with a couple of unexpected events, but it was done. April will be a weird month, May should be ok, and by June we should be in our stride as far as finances go.

I think I'll change the quotes on my email this weekend as well. There's exciting news for you to read Dear Reader!

We still can't mail out from the Outlook account, but so far haven't had an email asking why we haven't responded to the She-Ex mails. Maybe she's chilling out this week! I hope she's having a better week, and a calmer one. She's a lovely person when she's in a good mood.

However, it will all be fine! We shall cope with whatever life throws at us! We have each other, and that's the way it is!