Friday, May 22, 2009

A night of conflicting emotions

Tonight is being an interesting night. We are both frustrated, we are both thinking hard about the things that happen outside of our door - everything within the door is gorgeous!

We'll work it out. We will.

I've just had an email about machine embroidery from the She-Ex. It's not my thing tbh. I know it is enjoyed by lots of people, but it's more machine than I would like to use and claim as my own work. That's cool if other people like it though. Weird world if we all liked the same!

Joe the Cat went to the Vet today. He's still overweight, but he is in superb condition for an FIV cat, Vet woman said he clearly has very responsible owners (he does!) and very practical ones (indeed so!) She was pleased that we had told her nurse and her that Joe is FIV as it means they take extra precautions with anything that comes into contact with him or his fluids. But he's in excellent health, it's unusual to see an FIV cat who is overweight, but he's still coming down in weight, so we'll keep going as we are, cutting out a little more food. We took down an example of what he was fed, and she was happy with it, and believes the overweightness comes from him eating whatever there is as a left over from his scavenger days.

It was all good.

(And apparently my reply of Thanks, but it's not for me, didn't go down so well with the She-Ex. Oh well. I'm still waiting on the stuff about BG. One week is wasted already.)

The new bag

The new bag was finished last night. No pattern, just a sketched out plan and some imagination!

The stitching is better than on the last one, so that's an improvement, although there is still plenty of progress to be made. The back is quilted, but not the front. This means it's soft on my hip, but I can feel what's in it without looking!

It's based on a black bag I have that is great, but isn't quite big enough for my Organisedmum Family Life book (the best diary known to man and woman kind btw!). I have been carrying two bags, or a bag inside a bag with the FLB next to it, but this option came up from the generous gift of corduroy fabric I recieved, and I did it! YAY ME!

I made it so that the front flap will tuck over the diary and then down behind it, and the back flap will come forward and over the top. In retrospect, I will be making the back flap longer next time I do one of these (and we know the bag thing is here to stay!) and then that should make it more secure.

However, I love it!