Thursday, January 12, 2012

Amazed - but exhausted.......

I have been this tired before.  2 years ago.  3 years ago.  4 years ago.  (Not last year - I didn't go to BETT2011)

It was amazing.  I saw things that I would want to buy, things that I ought to buy, things that I *neeeeeeeed* to buy, and some really cool stuff.  I didn't buy any of it, obviously, because I had no schol budget.

I picked up a load of free stuff (to be documented later!) and enjoyed the experience of walking round and talking tech with people who knew what they were talking about.  I sorted out a load of stuff that needed sorting out with a couple of companies.  I met with people that wanted to meet with me, and arranged to be a host school/demo school for a couple of products, thus putting us right up there in the forefront of tech.

Oh and, bestest news, I won a competition.  Yeah.  I did.  Brand New, In the Box, 8gb iPod touch.  The AC was very excited, and when I pointed out that we already had one, his first thought was to send it to the BG.  How sweet is that?  I told him that we couldn't, because I haven't heard from her in a long while now, and there was no reply to me sending her advent calendar, so no.  He understands, but, bless him, he wants to make things fair for them all - he has one, so she should.  Logical for him.

I don't know what I'll do with it.  At the moment it's in the box, all tidy and nice.  It can stay there for a little bit.  Maybe I'll check the eBay price.  Maybe I'll give it to Scotty's Little Soldiers - they've given so much to us after all.

It was just nice to win lol!

Today I'm tired, and my feet hurt, and my legs hurt and (you get the idea) but it is just so great to have been!

If you get chance, then go.