Saturday, March 28, 2009

Sleepy and contented

It's the end of the day here, and it's been gorgeous.

We haven't done anything amazing.
We went to town, I bought some fabric to try on the sewing machine, R got his hair cut in preparation for tomorrow, we sat joking in the hairdressers about life with the girl, we shared a couple of doughnuts on the way back to the car, went home, I made bacon sandwiches, and we chilled our way through the afternoon, via PC World for a couple of quotes I needed for work.

We went for a sleep in the afternoon ;-) and then had a tidy around and AC came home and we did his homework and he went to bed and then we played some WoW together after having discovered that there was nothing on TV and now it's bedtime.

Nothing exciting, nothing incredible, nothing even that interesting. Just lovely though. Just what we needed today. Several of the others are at Crown Tourney this weekend, so we weren't gaming, and it was nice to have time just to be us.

I was pottering around whilst AC was doing his homework at the table. R was doing things at the table, and they were chatting, helping with homework (and AC trying to help R with what he was doing.)

I'm sticking AC's homework on here because I'm very proud of him. He wrote this all by himself, when 6 months ago he wouldn't write. It's taken a lot of work to get him this far.

Tired now though. When R gets off the phone to the BG it's bedtime! She sounds happy and excited though, and that's what matters.

And he has.


N.B. Must remember to change clocks.

It's the weekend....

.... and it's all starting!

I have an email from the He-Ex about access times over the holiday. I'll get to answering it in a moment, when R is up and we can discuss what we are doing. He-Ex is always very demanding about these things, and it's the third time in 3 weeks I've had this email, and the holidays are another week away. Wht we usually do is that the week carries on as normal, except the AC stays over from Tuesday 3pm (when his father would usually pick him up from school) until Wednesday 6pm when his father usually brings him home from school. Fridays and Saturdays stay the same. (pick up at 3pm instead of school pick up, stay over until 6pm Saturday evening.) At to that that the last few times I've offered him extra time he's turned it down, I don't feel like giving him any extras this week!

What he refuses to realise, is that I like to see my son as well. When I said this to him last time, he sent me an email with a comparison of how much we see the AC. My figure was indeed much larger. When I pointed out that the AC was asleep during those times, he replied that that was beside the point. *sigh* Do I need a reminder of why we aren't married anymore?

No phonecall from the BG last night. R phoned her and one phone wasn't answered, the other just went straight to answerphone. Maybe that's why they phoned on Thursday - so the She-Ex wouldn't feel the need to phone on Friday. It's the kind of logic that she has used before. There's no email this morning to explain why or anything, and I expect BG will have been told Daddy was busy/asleep/couldn't be bothered/has a new family now, whatever!

We may hear later on, we may not. We've given up on the Fed-Ex, and chalked it up to yet another...... well...... I don't know.

It would be easy to put it as a straight forward lie. That would mean we believed she had no intention of every sending them, even though she's over us/him/the past/ whatever!

It's more likely that something happened to the documents (coffee/lost/whatever) and she hasn't got around to getting any more.

Perhaps she was just too busy to send them. (But then she would have emailed and said, surely? And how long does it take to send some documents?)

Perhaps she just wants to stay married to him and feel the claim on him that way. She held for a long time that she loved him, and I didn't understand. I know what loving him is like - my way. Of course I don't understand her way. But I know the feeling of messing up what seemed like the most amazing relationship with a tremendous man. I'm lucky. I'm getting another chance with an even more tremendouser man. (And yes, I know tremendouser isn't a word!)

Oh well. They'll either turn up when they do, or they won't. She'll either say what happened, or she won't. Not a lot we can do about it! Soon there will be, we just have to hang on!

This is us - hanging!

In other news, next week will be the last week of our current head teacher, and the beginning of limbo until we get a new head teacher. It won't change what happens in my classroom, but a rudderless ship will flounder eventually.

It's raining horribly out there, and we are going into town. R needs a haircut for where he's going on Monday (Hence yesterdays celebration meal out!) and I might go and get some fabric and try a small quilt top on the machine today. I'd like to make one for Little Brother's baby which is due to make an appearance in a few weeks now. I'm going to have lots of days in the holidays without the child, according to his father, so I may as well get the stuff!

The house is a bombsite today after a week of odd shifts for him, weirdness at school and sleeping too much at home. As a fight or flight response, sleeping is rubbish, but it's what I seem to do best lol!

I shall go and start the washing and the kitchen.

No doubt there will be pointless updates to this as the day progresses!