Sunday, May 17, 2009

Look what I did win!

I have delayed the writing of this post because I wanted to be sure I would be able to get the prize without it being too expensive for the person sending it - I usually check what country give-aways are in, but I forgot this time.


SemiOrganisedMom had a competition about reasons to use cloth menstrual pads. And I left a comment, and she picked me!


Aside from the fact that she has great choice in comments, she also has a great blog, very real, very ordinary life, which is good because most of our lives are ordinary. It's on my dashboard so that I pick it up when there's an update.

I am so excited about these pads. And yes, I'll be being a crunchy Mummy, and that's great - we all do things differently in this world, and I like the idea of this. Who knows, I may even make my own!


Night night folks - time for bed for me. UP in 7 hours!

Look what I did make!

The other day I thought I would try some crazy patchwork. It's in the book I got, and it looks great. So I made a square of it that, un-co-incidently enough was the same size as the trial patch I made for Emily's quilt.

Today I made handles, stitched them in, lined it, stitched it all together, and it's done!

The bright side is Emily's quilt, and the pale side is Lilly's quilt, so that appealed to me as well. There's even some spare blocks in Lilly's side.

I love it. I'll take better pictures tomorrow, but I'm tired from last night now lol!

Laters people.

Look who we did see!

London Baby! (You'd have to be as old as me to get that reference lol!)

When you look into the mirror, tell me what do you see? (Again, you need to be old for that one as well!)

Can't help loving that man of mine.......

The wheels on the bus.......

Friends from the Abroad. I have many, but now I have several IRL as well!

We had a fabulous day, we went to The Porterhouse and met friends and it was a good laugh. We wouldn't have gone, but the AC was off chasing railway engines with his Daddy, so that was cool, he was already gone! LOL

And when I got back.......

The trouble with trains.

The trouble with trains journeys is rude people with MP3 players who have them up too loud. I can hear one now that is just irritating me intensely.

This is the slow train to home, calling at evry "shack, palais, and blade of grass" as we used to say. I still say it.

and this is just a short blog to trial mobile blogging. 3 finally managed to log on!

And so to sleep....