Monday, January 23, 2012

Very UnPC

I am.... stunned?

It has been one of those days where so many things have happened, that it is overwhelming.

I have been made aware of an action that has been taken by someone that has traumatised a child.  I know that their choice of action stems from their own illness, I know that no-one in their own self would want to do this thing, and I know that it is a massive taboo type thing on the internet to moan about it, but the effect that the self-harming of the mother has had on the child is immense.  IMMENSE! 

Oh, the mother is all "She doesn't know, I hide it from her, I have long sleeves and jeans, and my own steristrips in the cupboard where she can't see."

Her daughter is intelligent, active, gorgeous, happy, and a joiner.  Oh wait.  She was.  Now she's hurrying home every night, and she's fretting during the day, and if her mother isn't there at the right time then she's pacing the library floor.

Yeah.  She doesn't know...... her mother can keep telling herself that as much as she likes, but it isn't true.  She knows, and the worst of it is?  She thinks it's all her fault.  Yep.  The daughter thinks the mother self harms because the daughter isn't good enough, winds her mother up, causes her stress, and has to let the stress out by self harming with a blade.

She knows.


The depressing thing is that the daughter will be the same way as the mother in 20 years.  And if she has a daughter, it'll all be the same again.

I know I am supposed to be all PC and all "Poor mother" but I can't.  The mother can choose, the daughter can't.

End of rant.