Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So flipping tired!

After several nights of too much bed and not enough sleep, as they say, I am off for an early night tonight.

I brought home marking to do, but I think it'll have to stay undone and I'll do it tomorrow at school or in the early morning.

But the bread is made, all the uniform shirts and jumpers are washed, the animals are fed, the fishes are cleaned and the world has been hugged to within an inch of it's happy little life.

We have an erudite comment on the blog as well! (Not this one, the one that I do for BG) R asked the She-Ex to let us know what she thought, and she did! Fantastic!

In other news we've finally got rid of the Kangaroo book! We now have Lord Scarecrow to read. We're nearly at the end of Stage 6 readers and this has some reasonably simple words for him in it. His reading is really coming on now, and I rarely have to tell him words these days as he can read most and word out any he doesn't know from the context or the sounds.

Sleep now. Definitely sleep. We'll see what tomorrow brings!

And the results are.....

I just weighed myself on WiiFit - not a technically accurate machine, but it'll do!

I'm around 145lbs (10.5 stone) That's not so bad at my age lol!

That's 22lbs less than I was when I met R (and I wasn't *fat* then)

NHS puts my bmi as just into the overweight category. Cheeky machine!

Anyway, enough of this. Pack lunches to do and R and AC need to be shaken.

Twaddle and tea and calories

Mental note to self.

No more streams of conciousness posts when asleep. Let's face it, in that last post, I was asleep, for all I may have been moving about and so on. And I missed who was eliminated, but it's ok, don't tell me. I'll cope.

R and I had a good discussion last night about the ongoing tiredness. I have, with thought, given up tea for Lent. My reasons for doing this were not because of some huge element of self sacrifice (oh my word, look how great I am to give up the thing I truly love!) but more because I need to think about the sacrifice that God made for us, and that Jesus made, and so I chose something that would remind me on a regular basis.

My usual tea-drinking schedule would look like this.

1x first thing in the morning
2x before school
1x break
1x lunch
1x after school
1x tea time
3 x evening.

So a total of 10 cups a day. And that's a minimum btw. I have been known to drink a lot more than that.

This may not seem like a massive problem. After all, I've given up some hot water, some flavouring, and a few cc's of milk.

And the sugar. Did I mention the sugar? I thought not. The sugar can be anywhere from 2 teaspoons a cup (not level, but rounded!) to 3 teaspoons a cup towards the end of the school day, and then back to two at home.

1 heaped teaspoon = 25 calories.

so 1 cup of tea for me = 50 calories, + 13 semi-skimmed milk calories. = 63 calories.

So over a day, that's

10 x 63 = 630 calories.

over a week

7 x 630 = 4410 calories.

It's 2 weeks since Shrove Tuesday, so

2 x 4410 = 8820 calories.

British women are supposed to be having around 1940 calories a day.

8820 divided by 1940 = 4.5 ct1dp.

So basically, in 14 days, I've had 4.5 days less calories, just from not drinking tea.

Now. As a long term thing, apparently each pound of fat takes 3500 calories to lose, so a person would either have to cut out 500 calories a day, or exercise to burn off 500 calories a day, or a combination of the two. I'm doing that comfortably, so realistically I might have lost a couple of pounds, although I have been exercising less recently, due to the delivery of a large otterman to my front room.

Later on, I'll get the old Wii fit board out and see what it says.

I don't want to lose weight really, I'm around a UK size 12 and R loves me the size I am. Mind you, he's also seen me at my unpregnant biggest which was a size 16, and weighing almost 12 stone (168lbs) The advert for Simply Be came on the other day, which does clothes from UK sizes 14-32, and they had some nice things on the advert, but R pointed out they would hang off me now!

It's a nice thought, but it's also a weird thought that it's a nice thought. I've never been body concious in that way, I exercise because if I don't I stiffen up and that HURTS so being of the un-pain-enjoying persuasion, I exercise! And I like to do things with the AC, and if I don't exercise then I'll struggle to do that - I know me.

Anyway, it's getting on, so I had better post this and then start the day.