Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Snakes in a pillowcase

Yesterday Steve-the-snake went back to the shop that we had him from as a male to male swap for a pair.  We paid for the albino female, and the 100% het albino, het stripe male was the swap.

It was a shame to see Steve go - he's a big lad and he's so friendly and a very pretty snake, but the chance of a breeding albino pair was too much to give up.  Both around 5 ft, she's very cheerful although he apparently needs handling to chill him out a bit, but that's no problem.  I can do that.

It was a lot of running around, but it was worth it to see the massive smile on J's face.  I love making him happy.  I look around our living room - the decorating is finished, we're just waiting on the new sofa now, and I am so happy with it all.  The horrors of redecoration are a thing of the past.  Now the amount of space is better, and the layout is nicer, and the wallpaper matches and all that kind of thing.

Two of the lads from J's work came round last night and helped to shift the fishtank to where it should be.  It's supposed to be being sold, but I don't know if that is going to happen.  It wouldn't surprise me to come home and find it full with a couple of bactinets in it, ready for some Frontosa's or whatever!  He likes fish.  I like fish.

Life is good, people.

I know that some people view me as 'soft' or as a 'people pleaser' but actually, it's really only when it comes to my boys.  And the AC gets what he needs, very rarely what he wants lol!  Is it a bad thing to want your man to be happy?  Rich's Aunty thought so, tell me that I "indulged him like a child." because I let him have Landrovers if that was what he wanted.  (Indulging him would have been getting the Ford Cougar!)  He loved his Landy's, I loved the Landy, everyone is happy.  Isn't being happy what it is all about?  Being happy and making other people happy?  So often it's the little things that make them happy.  Smiles.  Cuddles.  Snakes in a pillowcase.

Speaking of which, I should go and make lunches for the boys, of I'll have two very unhappy people come 12 o'clock!

Laters peoples!