Wednesday, December 21, 2016

More memories...

My time hop and Facebook memories are blow into up with how happy I was 8 years ago. He was home, and I could shout it from the roof tops.

I remember how tired he was, how thin he was, how much he wanted to hold Sama an I, and how much he wanted to hear from Rachel. I emailed her within moments of him being back, like I said I would, but obviously she was asleep, I just wanted her to know.

I remember looking at him on the sofa, scarcely able to believe he was home, joyously making two cups of tea again.

Such memories.

Monday, December 19, 2016

8 years ago today...

I woke up with Rich in my bed for the first time in several months.  He had been away in the Hot and Sunny Lands, and he had come back.

He wasn't due back until several days time, and it was doubtful as to whether he would make it for Christmas at one point.  But there was a space and he took it, sleeping on the floor in the airport to get back to us.

The AC got into bed, as he used to at 5 years old, and snuggled in.  He hadn't noticed Rich was there. He reached out to hold my hand, and Rich put his hand in the way.  I can still remember the look on my little boy's face when he realised, watching it dawn over his sleepy face, and then joyously rolling over to face Rich and jump all over him.  Even after such a long journey, after very little sleep, after a difficult tour, Rich let him.  In fact, Rich encouraged him.

It was beautiful.

I wonder why it matters this year?