Monday, May 4, 2009

Surprise me!


R said on Friday that we were going out at some point over the weekend and it was a surprise. He wouldn't tell me where we were going.

I asked.

He wouldn't.

I asked the AC to ask. The AC refused to ask, on the grounds it was a surprise.

Sunday we went to see my brother and the adorable family. We were late back. The AC wasn't asleep until 8.30pm.

He was still up around 6.30 today though, and so he and I pottered around for a while. I wasn't sure what time we needed to leave, whether we needed a picnic, all those things that women think about when going out.

And no.

He got up around 9. We left around 1030, we drove, and drove until he said "We are taking the long way because the traffic was so bad." Ah ha! which means we're going....... not anywhere around here then.

Suddenly, there we were! HERE!


Now to be fair, I am not expecting the Dear Reader to be as excited about going to the Norfolk Vintage Tractor and Engine Club Stradsett Rally as I was. But I was. I loved it. The AC loved it. R enjoyed it, and as there was Landy's we all loved that bit.

But the ENGINES! The little ones! The belt drivers! The pump drivers! The little puffing ones that I didn't know what they did but they were cool anyway. The sawing ones!


I'll finish this and post the photos later.

Not me Monday

This week, I have not oooooh and aaaaaahed at a very large collection of farm machinery, nor did I *run* to the other side of the field to look at the Ruston Hornsby static engine.

This week I did not eat 3 doughnuts one after the other.

This week, we are not just about to bunk off of AC's martial arts class. (Does that even make grammatical and chronological sense?) He and R are currently both very tired and vegging on the sofa playing Burnout Revenge with my brother, online.

There was something else I didn't do as well, but I can't remember what is was. (wasn't) When I do, I'll add it to the list!

Peace and calmness

There is a peaceful calmness that has come over me since yesterday.

Lilly did not induce in me a "Why not me?" and this is a good thing. She gave me a "This would be nice." but without the tinge of faint despair that has touched every baby I've seen since I lost. I like that. R likes it. He knows I cry at certain times of the year, some nights, and he holds me and makes it better the only way he knows how, by loving me. He doesn't give me pointless platitudes, or sentences designed to fill the silence, he just wraps himself around me, holds me, and loves me without words or movement.

I am blessed.

And she is gorgeous.