Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day

It's Fathers Day in the UK, and it's the weekend that we are with Caroline and Danny and the girls to have the AC measured for his suit.  That job has been done, so we went strawberry picking!
And eating.  There was a bit of eating, it has to be said.

The AC found the peas patch.  He loves veg!

But he picked strawberries because he's a good lad.  He's picked them for J's mother.

The result!

I love this picture of us.  He's struggling today with the whole Fathers Day thing.  I don't blame him, I think it's only reasonable, and I am struggling some days as well. 

We'll have to head for home soon - we'll have to drop T-Boy on the way - but it's all good and there's a simple matter of a roast chicken lunch first.... what do you think is for pudding?