Tuesday, June 30, 2009

posts and bread.

I was going to write a long and erudite post today, about this by the ever lovely DocWitch, but I am so tired that I can't.

I'm waiting up for the bread to do, and then I'm going to bed.

I'm in a quandary concerning the Over The Pond ness. I haven't had any indication of which of the words I sent BG could do, but apparently she is ready for the next set. I can't send the next set without knowing what she can do. But there are no days to waste.

I can wait until he comes home to sort it out though. I love him. He is my rock, my fortress, my place of warmth and safety, and I will love him, cherish and respect him all my days.

A text full of love.

The AC asked to text R before bed. He knows R might not get it for a couple of days, but he wanted to send it anyway.

"AC says hello r. I came third in a race on sports day. Mummy came fourth in the mum race. I wish you were at the dad running race that would be cool. Love from AC Cuddles not kisses"

I love that child, and I love how he loves R.

We looked at where he was and what he might be doing, and AC is so proud that "his" R goes to do these things. We talked about going up to Parade tomorrow, and he's excited. He says "The RAF is part of me, isn't it Mummy?" and is so proud of that.

Time to get on though.

Hurrah for being FIT!

Yes ladies and gents, boys and girls, I am officially FIT!

I ran in the Mummies Race at the AC's Sports Day and I did not come last. I wasn't in the top three, but then the woman who won it runs for the town, so I'm not *that* surprised, she set a fast pace.

I ran it, and I was totally fine afterwards, no huffing and puffing, no nothing!


Check out my size 12 jeans ripping up that track like Roadrunner! (well, maybe more like Coyote, but you get the general idea!_) See the smile on my son's face because he is SO proud of his Mummy. Hear him say "You ran REALLY fast Mummy! You are a good runner! I love you!"

Anyway, after that shameless praising of my own self, the rest of the day.

I bought a hat.

I bought sunscreen.

I bought a patchworking magazine, and a book. (The book was only £2.50 in the Heart Foundation Shop, so that's ok!)

I bought a fan for AC's room.

I got some shopping.

I came home.

I didn't spend a lot. Then I went up to Sports Day and had a fabulous time as a helping mummy.

And at the end of Sports Day they had a Mummies Race, and I ran in it and I DID NOT COME LAST! Did I mention that?

**Sharp eyed readers may notice that AC is *not* wearing the Paveway missiles hat! He is wearing a RAF Rise above the Rest one that the was given, but not the "One Bomb one target!" one that he has insisted on wearing forever. And he's coming on Parade with us tomorrow!

Last day of being "ill"

and I am no longer officially "ill"

My spots are crusted over and I am OUT OF THE HOUSE!

Now, I have been advised that I need to rest and so forth. Bah. Yes, I am stupidly tired and could manage a 3 hour nap every day, but life goes on people! I am not going to sit around being pathetic and moaning about life being so bad when I can go out there, face it head on and enjoy it!


My last day off of school and................

The morning is going into town, picking up a hat and sunscreen (PAYDAY!) and possibly a nice cup of tea and a magazine and some material. No. NO. No material. But Tuesday market, so hopefully some ham and so on.

1pm will see me at school with bag etc, as it is Sports Day. I said I would help, and so I will help. And I get to spend the afternoon with AC's group and keep score and so on. It's going to be fabulous.

Tomorrow is the Parade, and I am taking the AC as well as my class and a HUGE number of adults who all want to come and help in this civic occasion. I'm sure it has nothing to do with going to see men in uniform....

Thursday morning is teaching, the afternoon is a course, and then Friday is the trip.

It's all good here folks!

And there has been no noise from over the pond. No apology, just a pretence that it all never happened. Maybe it didn't in her world. "Apart from" the emails I have that show it in her writing there's nothing to say that that is how highly she rates things is there!

Ah well.

It *is* all good *here* folks.

The world is a cool and froody place, I have pictures to put up, but right now I have a child to get to school!

The game is afoot!