Saturday, June 20, 2009

Time for bed.

WARNING : Tired, ill, elements of snippyness (snippiness?) may appear.....

I've stayed up til this late waiting for the She-Ex to send something from the BG. I wanted to get it all prepped tonight so that tomorrow we just had to put it all together. I wanted to know that everything was ready to go, because I am feeling more and more floaty.

I guess not. (Oops. Snippy)

It looks like I'll be doing a fast bodge job first thing in the morning. There's no reply to the emails, no nothing. (snippier! Pack it in!)

I feel like I'm being really demanding, so I haven't emailed or anything, I just waited up til midnight. (see, that sounds snippy! ARGH!)

Bedtime, before I say something she moans about (and if it's on here, I have the right to say it - it's MY BLOG!)

Quiet Day


It was quiet. I dragged my behind around town to get the things that needed getting. Got home to a rude email from the She-Ex. Answered her nicely - she can't help being angry at times like this. It's not her fault. If my child couldn't see his father because of my actions, I'd be angry at myself too. So I tried to be nice. I even gave her something to laugh at - I told her I have chicken-pox, so that should amuse her!

It's amusing me!

I had a 3 hour nap when I got back from town (it wiped me out) and then I sat on the sofa and did nothing too much until AC's hometime, when he came home and we all had chinese. There were tears from the overtired child until he realised that not all chinese was seaweed that he'd tried at school, and R told him that was Japanese, and not to worry. So we shared chinese and then curled up on the sofa watching Stormhawks. It was a gorgeous moment. I was snuggled up to R, AC was snuggled up to me, R's arm around both of us, and it was just a complete moment. For that short moment, we grokked each other as a family unit. I got up to get drinks, and R and AC vegged together whilst I did it, having a poking tickle fight, and discussing what was poking and what was tickling, with demonstrations. Amusing, and gorgeous. I got back, and there was a space made and I snuggled in with the boys, just thinking how lucky I was.

R and I then ignored the time (deliberately!) and the AC noticed the time going past 7.30 (bedtime!) and was snuggled really quietly, and you could see him thinking ...... shhhhh ........... don't move......... don't breathe..... just incase they notice... into the second episode of Stormhawks.... sssh...... it's started...... if I move they'll notice that I'm still up........ lying on them ........... watching Stormhawks..... sssssshhhhhhhh......... adverts........ have they moved?...... do I need to move?.......... even less breathing till it restarts.......

The thing is that R and I both love Stormhawks, and we love him, and 30 minutes on a Saturday night that we wouldn't usually have together as a family is special.

It got to the end of Stormhawks, and we tucked him into bed, and now I'm on the sofa, writing the never ending reports, and watching Michael McIntyre's Roadshow.

The AC is excited about Fathers Day, and I might even do a photoblog tomorrow with pictures in. He's a happy chap.

Life is good.


I was not fond of yesterday in several places.

My not-me-monday should be a blast. No, really!

I'll be home to do it and not at school because...... because......



had it confirmed by the doctor.........

I have chickenpox!

(It's ok to laugh - that was what I did a lot of yesterday, because this is ridiculous.)

Ladies and gents, my day was a dooozy of a day. I have chickenpox. Not many at the moment although my skin itches like A Very Itchy Thing but enough to keep me off school on Monday. If I get more, it'll be Tuesday and so on.

Doc was very lovely, very helpful, very funny.

And today, it changes what I have to do.

I will still go into town to pick up the BG's Father's Day present, as the card has still mysteriously not arrived. There has been no emailed photo of some words to go in a card from here either, so there won't be a card for him tomorrow unless that happens. How hard is it to take a photo and send it? Not very - we do it all the time! I said I would do it and so I will, because a person with integrity does what they say they will, and I am determined to maintain some integrity over all of this stupidness with the She-Ex again. I suspect it's because something has gone wrong in her life and she sees us as an easy target for venting her frustrations. It used to make me want to yell "Grow up!" but I've given up on that and now I patiently wait for it to be over and her to return to the nice person that she is.

I'm just tired and itchy. R is not impressed with what happened yesterday either.

He laughed a lot about the chickenpox, after he could see I thought it was funny too! We chatted a bit last night, and it was good to reaffirm that he has the same desires I do for our future. Relationships need that. I need that. He needs that.

And now, report writing and scratching, in equal measure.