Tuesday, February 17, 2009

So today...

... went really, really well.

The Adorable Child and the Man looked gorgeous, I was smart and so proud I could have burst. We went, he got his medal with the appropriate pomp and ceremony, and we had tea and biscuits afterwards.

Then we went over to where he works and a fabulous chap called Keith showed us round, and had a loooong chat to the AC about how the stuff works, what the names of the different parts are and so on. He was fabulous.

In other news, tomorrow is for cleaning, today isn't! Tonight is for vegging a bit more, and then early bed, and then chilling.

I shall start upon this heavy schedule now! (I had intended a much more weighty blog on the morals of medals and meaning and so on, but not for the right now!)


Today is an exciting day.

Yesterday was full of getting ready, which included some fabulous shopping by yours truely.

Not fabulous in the traditional sense of shopping, but in my sense. I went into town with the Adorable Child to get a suit for me, and one for him.

Autonomy - big sale - £36 - Jacket and two skirts. In size 12Petite! (Not that size matters to me, I am above such things but YES YES YES!!!!!!)

ShoeZone - shoes - sale - £6.99

BHS tights - Hmmmm. Will be returning to BHS to ask why there was 1 pair of tights in my 2 pair pack. However, I have them. Medium tummy control. As pointed out by my son "You need magic knickers because I stretched all your skin, don't you mummy." In the shop. In a clear 5 year old voice.

Shirt (already had it!)

Adorable Child - BHS - liked the suits, but he doesn't really need one and even in the sale they were £40. And I won't grow out of mine in 6 weeks. And they had pink ties. So he has a new shirt and grey stripe tie. Very smart!

The only down side is that BG isn't here. I wish she was. Her mother said she was going to tell BG that all Daddy was was a monkey in a suit. I'll send her the pictures from today, obviously, but it's not the same as being really proud of Daddy with the rest of us.

Oh well. Her mother has no intention of her coming over here. Ever.

Need to clean his shoes. Must do it now!