Thursday, March 22, 2012

The Red Box

Quietly, I slipped down to the hallway.  In the dark my nervous hands found the sides of the red box that had been prepared late last night. Carefully I lifted it, every muscle straining, making no sound, listening for sound, checking for movement upstairs.
There was very little weight to the package, but the slight shifting of the contents warned me that everything was not as secure as I’d hoped.  There was nothing I could do now but be even more careful.  Silently, I carried it back up the stairs, placed it in his room, and returned to bed.

This is my first try at the 100 word challenge.  (I stole the link from Bodfortea.  Yes.  I probably want to be her!) This week's prompt in the 100 word challenge for adults is '...the red box...'. Read the other entries over at Julia's Place.

In other news I was up til 1am with a snake who was playing with her food.  Honestly, the way the young eat their rats these days.  No manners at all!

And I am still ridiculously proud of the child.  Hard work from him, J, Rich and I has paid off!  Excellent work ethic young man!