Monday, May 11, 2009

Not me Monday


1) I did not get up today to find a dead field mouse in the front room, and then congratulate the cat, pop said field mouse into empty marg tub, then forget to put empty (but sealed) marg tub in the bin before leaving the house.

2) I did not then spend an hour working, save work onto my memory stick, and forget to take memory stick to work. Nope. Not me!

3) I did not walk to school, sneaking through the flats, pretending to be Anakin Skywalkers padwan. I did not threaten the child, otherwise known as Darth Sidious, with my invisible purple lightsaber, much to the delight of the builders in the flats.

4) I did not, on arriving at school and discovering I had left all the stuff at home, decide to sit down and have a cup of tea and ginger biscuits with the child to calm down.

5) I also did not lie to the children about the importance of SATs. I did not say that they are just for the teachers and the government make us do them.

I did not do all of those things by 9am. Nope. Not me.

And you should have seen the rest of the day!

Warmth and love

... and that's about all I need.

I went to bed after posting, he came up a bit later, and I was asleep, but woke up enough to feel him climb in next to me, wrap himself around me, and whisper how much he loved me in my ear. And I was warm, and loved, and the world became a nicer place.

Other fantabulous things that happened yesterday were that the She-Ex phoned here because they were going out for Mothers Day, and R and BG had a good conversation. I had asked her to let us know what was going on with the call and so on, but she didn't/couldn't so I was kneeling on the table with my hand down the back of the computer helping R feed the cables up! I just stayed there whilst he chatted, and then he finished talking to BG and put the phone down. It went again, he answered it, and then gave the phone to me, and BG said "Happy Mothers Day S" and I was so blessed by that! And she said she loves me.

I happy danced all over the house!

AC was a bit confused because we have Mothering Sunday in the middle of Lent, as a faith festival as opposed to a Hallmark one, and he thought he'd forgotton something, but I reassured him and all was well.

So top things from yesterday....

BG saying Happy Mothers Day.
R clearing out the garage.
AC being on Stage 8 books - he was only on Stage 2 in September. That's a lot of progress!
I finished the stripes. (photos to follow)
I quilted the test piece for Emily's quilt. (photos to follow)
We had delicious eggy bread for lunch.
Church meeting was good.

ASide from the floatyness, yesterday was a good day!