Saturday, April 18, 2009

30 mins with Maya

I just did 30 minutes with Maya. Todays focus was flexibility. I prodded buttock all over the shop! She was not impressed when I said "No sweat." to the question how was the 2nd segment. Or the third segment. I paid for it in the 4th though - Modified plank is hard but getting easier.

I will get to my goal of being fitter and healthier. Not necessarily slimmer, or weighing less, but fitter.

Post Lent weight, 143lbs. I lost 2lbs. But they should stay off as it was done slowly blah blah blah. 2lbs is nothing. It's because I did less exercise than usual as well.

Exercise is the key to it all for me. I can't afford a gym like I used to (I love going to the gym and turning off my brain and just chilling) but I can Wii stuff.

And that's good enough for this old body - I will not be fat and bleughy like this picture I saw of a lady on a bench with her belly hanging out under her dress. UNDER her dress. I don't want to be supermodel thin either. I just want to be me-shaped, and I am, but I also want to be flexible, and I am, but I need to stay me-shaped and flexible, and that means paying attention and doing something about it.

And that means getting off my behind, and using the moaning energy for doing things!

Now I've given myself a little chat, I'm off to clear the dining room table.

And apparently I posted!

I posted in my sleep apparently, because I don't remember posting.

I remember getting out of the bath and sitting on the sofa to get dry. And then R snuggled me into bed. In the intervening time I fed the fish, posted on here, and went upstairs.


Life is cool sometimes.

Did I mention we had a new car?

Busy day ahead?

Today is shaping up to be yet another busy day.

There are a couple of timed things.

AC is back at 4pm as we are going to a party at 4.45 - 6.45 pm. (Happy Birthday Nathan!)

Gamers will be here at 7pm (must email and remind them that there's no gaming til 7.)

So that's the later afternoon.

This morning we need to tax the car, get Nathan's birthday present and card, sort out a couple of other bits, and I need to do some school work.

This afternoon we need to clear the dining room table ready to play, I need to bake a couple of bits (easy bits!) and then be ready to go and party.

The church website looks good, all I have to do on Sunday is remember the camera, take some pictures, and ask each of the groups for a few sentences about themselves so that I can add those in as well.

And I need to phone Student Loans who apparently have gone back to the "You owe us money" thing, although I think that's just their computer! LOL It will all be fine.

If ever there was an example of God providing, it was yesterday.

We needed a vehicle. R needed to drive down to his course on Monday to bring everything home on Friday, and therefore could not take the bike. We knew this might happen and had arranged a financial mortgage holiday (thus meaning the mortgage payment gets stuck on the end of the mortgage but meaning we don't have to find that money this month, so we have £766)

We looked all over the place, and then suddenly found this Land Rover Discovery on eBay, 17 miles from the house and due to finish at a time when my parents and Caroline and girls should be here. It had an MOT til Jan 2010, and so was obviously sound. We spoke to the bloke on the pone and he tried to end the auction so that we could go over and pick it up on the grounds that we had the cash and he had it advertised elsewhere. eBay wouldn't let him, so we had a tense 75 minutes where we watched and waited, and then R stuck a bid in at the las moment and we got her for £745. Chap was happy as he'd paid £740 for her 6 weeks ago, but the wife didn't like the car, so it has to go.

A quick blast on Auto Trader tells me that an un-MOT'd one is around £6-700 and a fully running one like ours is around £900-1200.

We picked her up and she's a little star. Ok, she's a diesel lump, she has a much smaller engine than R is used to, but for me as a first car she'll be ideal. The Lord heard our prayers and really provided. She's just what we need, and whilst not as fancy as we would want, He knows what we need better than we do - and she's it! I'm praising this morning!

Now all we need is the cash to put me through a driving test lol! But like I said to the She-Ex the other day when she was emailing backwards and forwards, there are lots of other things that I need to spend money on rather than my hobbies. (Although A is going to look in the BX at the prices that they have in there for some of the things we were looking to get for me, like a cutter and a mat.)


On with the day!