Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"We were on a BREAK!"

Not J and I, the blog and I.

We've been on a break since last week, and it's been ok.  I haven't been to any other blogs, I haven't read anywhere, I haven't written anywhere, I haven't even looked at anyone else's profile.  I may have looked at a couple of blog posts via email, but that doesn't count - we were on a break!

And then last night J read the blog.  Lots of it.  Not all of it, but lots of it.  I don't have a problem with that.   There is nothing on here that I am ashamed of, nothing I feel I need to defend, nothing that is a lie.  She-Ex has said that she will show the BG the blog one day and show her what I am like.  I told her that was fine, there is nothing here I wouldn't stand behind, and nothing I wouldn't happily talk to the BG about.  It wasn't me who cheated on my man, in any way.  It wasn't me who neglected the marriage. It wasn't me who neglected the house or the child. It wasn't me who ran away.  Rich and I did nothing wrong except be together.

I'll stand by that.

I'll stand by J and I as well.  We might have been surprised to be together, we might not have been expecting it, we might have a complicated life at times, but it is a good life and it is full to the brim of love and respect and care and appreciation and fun. (And phwoar-ness, but it's a family blog people!)  We talked afterwards, about how neither of us had ever expected to love again, and not as much as this, and not in this way.

Weirdly, I am claiming to be a very lucky girl.