Sunday, April 19, 2009

Pictures I didn't send BG

These are some of the pictures I *didn't* send the BG, because ....... I don't know why. I just didn't. Mainly I suppose I don't want to hurt her by sending pictures that show what a loving and caring Daddy she has, and how he loves and cares for someone else. Anyone can be a fun person for her to be around, if you see what I mean, but only her Daddy can love her like he can.


These are on here because I'm proud of the two of them, because we had a really good time, and because I want to celebrate our recovery from life and all the hassles recently.

And now it's bed time after a lovely evening catching up with Mr A A-M.


night night all.

Just a quickie ;-)

The party yesterday was fabulous. R and I were so stiff when we got in and AC was shattered. But it was great! It was at the local gym and there was lots of throwing children (and pushing adults) into foam pits, I went on the beam - something I've always wanted to do - and there was a bouncy castle and trampoline and so on.

The food was all home food - not burger and chips or whatever, proper party food, and we were invited back to the house afterwards to carry on the party but AC had to have his medicine - which he has come to the conclusion is supposed to be banana - and R and I knew we had over done it and were going to hurt.

We do lol! But it doesn't matter. What matters is that the children had fun, that a child who doesn't speak to adults other than his mother and her friend came to me for help and I introduced him to R and he went to R for help and games several times. R was carrying him around for a bit when N-N got a bit overwhelmed (he is only 3!) AC had a fabulous time, and R and he had a long running battle with the foam blocks. I got thrown in the foam pit a few times but did my fair share of throwing in as well!

I know most of these children from school - no doubt I will teach them when they are older - and by the end, when we got into a couple of bumped heads and tiredness, I had one on each knee. One got off, but H was happy just to stay, snuggled on the lap of someone he knew and was safe with.

AC was gorgeously behaved and although also very tired he did do as he was asked. We had a few tears at the end, because he loves parties, but R gave him a hug and sorted it all out with him.


Picture post soon (got to charge the battery so that I can get the pictures off lol!)