Monday, March 9, 2009

Stream of Conciousness test!

Just a trial of things here.

Basically, I'm going to turn my brain off, watch ANTM, and let my fingers carry on and see what happens. There may be nothing there - there never usually is! I never wanted to be one of those vapid blondes with nothing to say - a good job really as I didn't turn out to be blonde after all. I never wanted to be utterly smart either, and whilst I'm not utterly genius, I'm not bad and certainly brainer than some - but then there are lots of women brainer than me. I am good at my job though - aren't I? Sometimes I wonder, but those are the times when othe rpeople are involved, when it's just me and the children, we are good and we do learn, and ok it might not be the stuff that the QCA says but it's stuff that they need to learn or we wouldn't be doing it now, would we!

My eyes are watering. I've been awake since 4am now and I'm shattered. Utterly. Still, that's part of working motherhood, and something that, if we want a house to live in that isn't on camp, that we just have to live with. But right now my eyes are watering and I suppose I should go through and check this post but that would deny the translucency of it. That sounds so pretentious. I'm not a pretentious person. I'm not a perfect person, I am what I am. And right now I'm so tired.

It's ok to be tired though. It's fine. After all, I've been up forever, we're under a lot of pressure of work at the moment, and my usual response to stress is to sleep, so maybe that's what there is.


Ok, that was a set of adverts in ANTM. Interesting stream of conciousness!

Bloody "Real" IRA.

This is going to be a political post, probably offensive. I hope not, but there we go.

On Saturday night, 2 lads were waiting for pizza, as a last swift meal before boarding a plane to Afghanistan. Pizza arrived, and as it was being delivered there was a volley of gunfire from semi-automatic weapons. The gunmen then approached the victims, who were all on the ground, and let fire again. Then legged it.

The Real IRA have claimed responsibility, using all the usual codewords and so on.

Here's the thing though.

1) Both the soldiers were from the NI Corps of Engineers. So they shot their own countrymen.
2) 3 of the 4 injured were from Ireland. So they shot their own countrymen.
3) The fourth was from Poland, and wars have been started for less!
4) All of the political parties, including Sinn Fein have condemmed anyone who wants to return to the bad old days of the Troubles, even Martin McGuiness who admits to, and is proud of, his involvement in what he saw as a war then.
5) All of the political parties have demarded the capture of the dissidents. So even their own people want them gone.

Who are they fighting for? OR rather what?

Well, the RIRA has been stepping thing up recently. looks at who they are, and how the attacks have increased.

The RIRA has never attacked soldiers before though, instead preferring unarmed civilians and attempting to justify itself through calling them collaborators of British rule. Except that noone rules or polices Ireland these days except the Irish.

What gets my goat though, is the response to this by some Americans who have never even been to Ireland but claim it as their heritage, calling for a free and united Ireland and saying that this kind of thing is something Britain deserves because of how it took over Ireland in the 16th Century. Grow up people!

The RIRA has only been in existance since 1998 - most of it's members weren't even born at the time of the Troubles. And in that time they have claimed responsibility for the a range of deaths, including that of pregnant woman (expecting twins) amongst the 29 at Omagh and they have blown the hand off of and blinded a 14 year old cadet in London. There is a WIki article about their "sucesses" so far, which can be read here

Anyway, I have to get off to school.

I have a list of blogs I want to do lol, but a bad night with the child and earlies with the man mean that it'll be a while - if ever lol - that I do them!