Friday, May 29, 2009

Sock veins....

Today I ventured into the dark and terrible land of Undert'Bed. Many and multitudinous were the Dust Bunnies, who put up a most vicious fight, but I defeated them with my trusty hoover.

Further in I found an hitherto undiscovered vein of socks, which I did excavate with much enjoyment. Carefully I panned them, removing the dust and Lego men, until they were lump free and could be washed.

Over many hours did I toil, sorting and throwing the Clothes of Tinyness until all that was left were the Garments of Growing Into.

All is now well in the Land Above Stairs, all Undert'bed monsters defeated, and Mummy reigns supreme in her Kingdom.

Strips cut.

Lots and lots of strips.


Going to get showered and dressed as I can't sew until after AC is in bed or at his fathers, because log cabin blocks need the iron on all the time, and I can't leave it on around him - how stupid would that be! He'd a very active child this morning, and a loose iron lead is just asking for trouble!

Of sleep and blocks.

I've come to a decision - I like the one with the red middle and the paler colours around the outside. That's the one I'm going to make more of. Lots more of.

I also need to make more of the purple ones. Lots more.

I also need to quilt and finish Emily's one, which shouldn't take too long.

And - it's payday!

Mum is coming over and we have stuff to do, which is cool. The front room just needs a quick swish round, the kitchen needs a quick swish round and the dining room needs a minor miracle, but actually isn't that bad. There are no dirty clothes in the house (as far as I know, because you know what small boys, and big ones for that matter, are like!) so today I will strip the beds and wash all of that.

I would love to go back to being a SAHM in so many ways, or even a WAHM, because at least then my house would be clean and sparkly! There would probably be a dump room, and every now and again I'd get in there and dejunk, but it would be nice.

Not going to happen though. *sigh*

In other news, there is none! We assume BG is ok, we didn't hear anything after last nights calls, so no updates, and I'm guessing that there's been no reading or work going on because she's been in so much pain. That's a good reason lol! Hopefully she won't be too bad today, and it will have had some chance to heal a bit in her sleep. At least she didn't have to have her teacher go with her like N did when I went with him! No pain at all though then, but it was gelled and then injected, and then just popped out. Not to worry, it's done now. It's Friday, so there should be a phonecall tonight so we can find out how she did then.

If I'm asked, I'll try and get up to town to pay the money, but if not, I don't want to interfere, so I'll leave it. I think that's the best option.

AC is going off to his fathers at 9am. He coughed a bit last night, but not too badly, not enough to wake him up. Once the weather settles, it'll all come good. I slept well, R slept well enough, and the AC is still in bed!

Cup of tea and blog reading catch up I think!