Wednesday, December 21, 2011

When will I learn?

There are several things that I need to learn.

1) Just because it has been 9 months since knee surgery does not mean that I can run on this leg, nor yet walk quickly for the nearly-2-miles that is is from town to here.  Do not try it.

2) Just because it has been 2 years and 5 months since Rich died, does not mean that the computers in the world have caught up yet.  Do not be surprised by random letters demanding payment. Do not be surprised when it hurts to see his name in print.  Still.

3) Just because you know the house always looks worse before it looks better does not mean that you should allow it to look worse, on the grounds that eventually it will look better.  Do not expect improvements unless you get off your bottom and do something about it.

4) Do not think that you can eat a Burger King meal as well as chilli cheese bites and get away with it.  You will feel nauseous.  You cannot eat that amount.  That is why the AC always eats your chips.  And most of your burger.  He has hollow legs.

So now I'm sitting here, feeling a little sick, with a sore knee, but with almost all of the Christmas shopping done.  HURRAH!

Flying tonight, then bed, then Thursday will bring Rachel, and Friday will bring the AC's Scottys Little Soldiers present! Woooooooooo!  He is very excited (but Evil Mummy says he cannot open it until Christmas Day).  He will, however, be getting his Scotty jumper tomorrow. 

He's also playing WoW again.  This is a big step.....  I'll write more about the AC's progress through grief another time.  It needs writing.