Thursday, August 18, 2011

Busy doing nothing!

Well, not nothing.  I'm rarely doing totally nothing.

Today we had to wait in until the Fed-Ex parcel came with the watch that J is having from the TaxManMoney. Only it came at 8am, which left the rest of the day free!

AC and I have pinned the snakes and ladders onto the snakes and ladders board quilt top, and the intention now is to baste them on, then machine stitch them with a zigzag stich once I've practised a bit!

I realised today just how many of Rich's pairs of jeans were in the cupboard, waiting to go into another denim quilt.  I'll do it, one of these days, and keep it safe for BG.

She must have gone back to school in the last few days.  I hope it's all going well, that she got moved up properly, and that she's happy.

Anyway, before I get maudlin, I feel a cup of tea, a small snoozette, and then I'll clean the kitchen, sort out some more quilting materials, and be a happy bunny.

Laters people.