Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Back again?

Its been a while.

It's been two months.

Two months of thinking, of introverted navel gazing.  Two months in which I have evaluated what I want to share with the world, because I'm doing this massive e-safety thing at school that is making me think and question everything I put onto the web.

In that two months, I have lived, and loved, and cooked, and had Christmas and another birthday and read too much (I got a Kindle for my birthday.  Good bye housework.....) and realised how much I love my now-life.

There are many bloggers who are mourning.  Many who, like me, use their blog as an outlet for all the feelings that we don't want family or friends to see, because we don't want to worry them.  We keep secrets for everyone elses benefit, and like the swan, serenely glide through our lives, hoping nobody notices we are paddling like hell underneath the water, where nobody sees.

Today I have a course to go to.

Later I need to update Brian's blog with two months worth of photos and updates.  This is his big year!

The Adorable Child is gorgeously fine, romping through his last year of school and achieving like any other bright boy-child.  His writing is above average now, along with the rest of this subjects, so he is pleased with himself because he's worked hard on that.

J is still the wonderful rock that steadies my life and means I can do anything.  He hugged me hard enough to put my broken heart back together again.

We have another cat, about more later.

In fact, it's been a busy two months.