Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Didn't sew...

.... but I read about sewing and watched the DVD that came with my magazine several months ago.

That's the way I've always been.

I try something, read about it, try it again, read about it and so on. I like to know what I'm doing and where I'm going with it all. I like to have the facts and techniques at my finger tips. And then sometimes I like to ignore it all and do my own thing because it *feels* right.

Sometimes things just do *feel* right.

A lot of my parenting is done on what feels right, in combination with reading that I've done and discussions I've had with people. The one time I didn't go with what felt right? My son turned out to have a low tolerance of dairy. But because I'd done the reading, I was able to answer the Health Visitors issues with facts and figures, mainly from World Health Organisation and tell her to get knotted, then carry on being able to do the best thing for my son.

A lot of my teaching is based on what feels right for that particular child, with a background of pedagogy and ideals in education, but also knowing the facts about that child, their background, their thinking, their lives. Who they are as individuals, really matters to me.

As I prepare to hand my children on to the next teacher, I know I'll miss some of them. Some I've had for 2 years now, and they are all such special children in their own way. I look at the ones coming in though, and I know I'll get to know them, and we'll get to know what feels right for them, and the way they learn.

It's a time of change for all of us, in so many different ways, known and unknown, published, and unpublished.


I haven't posted very much about quilting recently, mainly because I haven't done very much lol!

I have 2 tops to baste and quilt and bind.

I have a horde of other tops in my mind.

But it is nearly the summer!

The first few weeks I will have 3 whole solid days a week of no company. :-( The child will go to his fathers for those days, then we will have glorious time together.

I will also be buying fabric on Friday. Definitely on Friday.

Tonight I may well quilt as well. Just because.

I'm a good girl.

I am such a good girl lol.

(If I am such a good girl why I am I so irritated about doing what I've just done?)

I just did a good thing.

(The act was good, the thought was good, the irritation that I have to do this is amazingly huge!)

I let the He-Ex know what was going on.

I didn't have to, it's not his right, it's nothing that I legally have to do. I just did, because, well, basically, it's polite, it's another way to acknowledge that he is the AC's father, that I cherish the good time we had together, and that whilst I know it doesn't work the other way, I don't care. I care that I've done the right thing for the AC and for us.

There is nothing coming the other way at the moment - no photos, no maintainanace, no nothing.

I suppose that's why I'm so irritated that I still did the right thing! I am trying so hard to turn the other cheek, as the Book says, to think, "Well, hang on, 2 wrongs don't make a right, what is the best thing I can do in this circumstance?"

And yeah.

I'm getting there lol.

Quilting this afternoon. I'm going to make some sample squares for a cross quilt and see how free quilting goes.

Laters people.

I was right.


I keep being right.


Probably just me being "Mary f-ing Poppins" (only with the whole word in, and actually one of the funniest alleged insults I have ever recieved!)

So far today (about 90 minutes) I have...

rewritten a CV for someone
written a letter of application for them.
made bread (well, put bread maker on lol!)
changed washing.
fed cat
fed pig
read email
read blogs
written blog
checked to see if BG had seen this weeks blog (nope, nor last weeks either)
laughed a lot.

It's going to be one of those days!

So far today I know we have a Jazz band coming to school, then late play, then finishing off, then I'm on PPA (So I'll be sorting out the Smart Learning!) and the children will have the lovely Mr T.

Books sent home yesterday - Art, Science, RE. All marked up to date.

Of new people, and the same old stuff

Today was lovely in many ways.

I probably mean yesterday for me and today for the rest of the world, but I don't know. I mean Tuesday.

Tuesday was lovely in many ways.


Still no pictures of the BG (although there is email this morning, but no attachments, which means still no pictures. There'll be some excuse I expect. We're used to it. *sigh*)

Loooooooooooooong meeting last night, til 9pm, for church, more later.

Loooooooooooooong day at school, doing lots of little jobs that needed doing and so on.

AC got an elbow to the head........ right in the scar. He's fine, but it all went very red/pink/swollen for a while and looked like we might be heading back up to the doctors again. Thank goodness for socialised, access it when you need to, healthcare

Good bits!

I found out something exciting which I cannot say anything about until Friday! I am very pleased though, R is very pleased, AC doesn't know. Sssssh!

I had a long chat with the teacher of the children I am sending up. She is new to the school and so didn't know any of them or their histories. She seems very nice and was certainly very interested.

I had a long chat with AC's new teacher next year. She is also new to the school and doesn't know the children.

There was a long church meeting last night and it was all held in the spirit of God. This will rumble on for a while and there are certainly going to be issues at some point, but last night there weren't and for that we can praise.

So, lots of new people (new teachers, new children) and the same old stuff (no photos, same paperwork, finance issues at church)

Life, as they say, is good!