Sunday, March 8, 2009

Sewing the second!

The second dice bag is almost finished, and is much better. R is really pleased with it. It's the same material but has a round bottom and just drawstrings at the top. I'll post a picture later when I take one to put on BG's blog. There's a fair few to put on there this week, which is nice. Hopefully it's nice for her, but *shrug* who knows.



I didn't put a picture on there, I thought I'd save it for next week. At the moment we are doing less and less as we push forward with plans, and today was a lovely example of our lives, but full of the kind of stuff that used to wind up her mother. I don't know if it still does, and frankly, I'm not bothered, but I'm not inclined to rub the child's face in the fact that her father is a great father to my son and is not allowed to be a great father to her purely because of distance.

Today the AC and I went to church and there was a round of applause for us as we took over doing the notices formally. Very exciting if you are the AC, reasonably embarrassing if you are me. As a by-line, It was put in the notices that there was a volunteer to take over the notices, and gave my name, followed by "(AC's mum!)" which was really cool. It comes on the back of an article I'm blogging about later if I get around to it, but I like the fact that one of my roles in life is as his mother, and that in some places that is what I am known as. He is a wonderful child and I am so proud of him. One of the dears at church asked how old he was today, and when I said he was 5 and a half, she was very surprised, as she had thought (as an ex-teacher no less!) that he must be seven because of the way he speaks and asks questions and is clearly very bright! I had a proud mummy moment, I have to say.

We got home and I made fried breakfast for lunch. We don't do it very often, and most of it is grilled these days, but the boys like it - and I find it easier than roast lol! We had sausage, bacon, fried potatoes, scrambled egg and the boys had sauce, but I didn't.

Then we sat down to do homework and marking. I marked the Art books - which were quite good in the main part - and the AC sat down to do his homework. It took a little while, but he didn't need very much help. R sorted out the kitchen after lunch whilst we did work.

We moved on from that to making Potato Heads whilst R was at the table "helping" build and passing comment!
After that we played some Emergency Heroes and so on and it was just a nice family day. Nothing amazing just a good time together. We made sure that there were a couple of pictures of Daddy for BG, but if you were not near your Daddy, would you want to see him having fun with another child?

It's a weirdness. I'll blog on it later as well.

Right now, it's bed time, and time to snuggle.

Lovely night

Last night we, as usual, had friends round to play. R and I both enjoy Dungeons and Dragons, and in fact, that's where we got to know each other 4 years ago. At the moment we're playing Earthdawn. It's good in many ways, but lots of it's goodness is that they have only known us as us. None of them have known He-Ex and me, nor She-Ex and R, as couples, just R and I as the smiley people we are. That's good, because it means there are no comparisons, no need to drag up the past, no need for any of it, just an acceptance of us, of the fact that we do have a past, of the fact that it doesn't matter how crucial a game it is, if BG calls the world can wait, and that the AC loves R with reasons, as opposed to genetics, as one of them put it one day.

So anyway, we're sat playing last night, and I'm sewing. 3 years ago (amazing that it's that long!) I made R a dicebag to go to the Championships with. It's very basic, felt square, black one side, white the other, drawstring top. Very him. But he thought he would like a new one for this years Champs, so I dug through the material stash, and found some material he liked and started cutting and sewing. It was basically a long rectangle of material that looped around the bottom and folded over the top, and two curved end pieces which fitted in. I finished it last night, and it made a great bag. In a girly, clutch bag kind of way. Hmmm.

And then it ended up on H's head. After it had been a hat for various people, H asked if he could have it for a hat, so I said absolutely and he took it home with him. There's no way R could have taken it to the Champs. He would have, because he loves me and I made it for him, but no, lol!

So it's back to the drawing board for me with that one! Thankfully, it's no effort to sew something like that, although I'm not a good seamstress. It was very satisfying though, which is why I made a small thing with one of the inserts that I was going to put into the bag to separate the different kinds of dice. I quite like it, but I think it will be appropriated by the child for putting small things in. And that's very good.

In other news, there is nothing exciting! We've had 2 pictures of the BG, one of her face and one of the back of her head looking at flamingoes.

And now the AC is up so I'm getting off of here to go and play. He's a bit coldy this morning, but he should be fine for church. Next week I start doing the notices for church, which is going to be more work, but also giving something back to an institution which has given me so much.

Laters lovely people!