Saturday, August 20, 2011

8lbs to start with.


The Physioterrorist was right.

I've let myself go whilst the knee has been unusable.

I am currently about  160lbs or 11st 6.  This is heading into lardsville for someone who is only 5ft3 tall.   Or me.

I am not happy with this.  I am not.  I went up to a size 16 once, and lost 2 stone all when Si moved out.  I lost another stone and a bit more when Rich died, and went down to just over 10 stone.  Now, according to the BMI chart things, I should be more like 8 st 9, which is 118lbs.


That means I'm looking at a weight loss of around 42lbs.  That's about 3 stone.  3 STONE?

I was 8 st 6 once, when I was 21, and a student, and I didn't like it.  I was very bony and uncomfortable, so I'm not aiming to go down to that.

I know where a lot of it has come from, and it's snacking.  I never used to snack, and now I do.  I snack on crap as well.  I need to cut out the snacking. I have a lot of empty calories in my diet - sugar in tea etc.  I'm already on decaffeinated tea, accidentally, and I'm going to aim for less tea all over, more water/juice and no sugar in my tea.  I suppose what I'm looking for is a lifestyle change, as opposed to a diet, if that makes sense.  Initially, I'm aiming for 8lbs.  I'm keeping my targets low and achievable.  I'm using the Wii mostly - Wii Fit, and My Shape.

This isn't out of vanity, although I never, ever want to get to the 225lbs that the She-Ex was, and I hope she's slimmed that down for her and BG's sake, it's because I need my joints to work and be supple and carry on working.  They are in a rubbish state, and I need to keep them as good as possible - I have a son who needs me to be fit and strong and healthy.  I've struggled with back and joint pain all of my life, and the idea of it getting worse is just .................. well, it isn't going to happen nicely, so I'm not going to let it take me easily.  I was told at 21 I'd be in a wheelchair by 30 and never have children.  I have a gorgeous son, and I'm 36 and not in a chair and I'm not going in one any time soon.  Don't worry, nobody has said I will, but I've lived with that prognosis for 15 years, and it's always in the back of my mind.  The Grace of God has got me this far, and I'm not giving up on my joints now.

I'm just not.




If you feel led to pray, then please do.