Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It has just occurred to me

Actually several things have just occurred to me.

(This is not unusual. I am a thinking person.)

1) Generally, I am a happy person. I am happy because of lots of things. My son, my family, my friends, my job, my house, all that kind of thing contributes to my happiness.

2) This happiness, inate and unstoppable as it is, confuses, and irritates some people. Others accept it at the face value for what it is. I'm just happy.

3) This happiness is somewhat of a facade at times - and that is fine. We all pretend different things at different times as a coping mechanism.

4) Part of my happiness comes from knowing myself in detail. I don't always like what I find, but I do look at myself and accept or change me as I see fit. And that means that I am not often surprised by myself.

I'm kind of feeling my way through this post. Need to think more!

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Yay! Cross country run today! I get to do it twice, once with a little girl with CP, and once with a bigger boy who has ASD and could run anywhere at anytime!

I had a terse reply from the She-Ex yesterday who seems to think that BG will need a copy of the certificate for her future. I have genuinely no idea what that would be for, answers on a postcard please! I sent back a fairly chatty, friendly reply, because contrary to what she thinks I don't hate her and I'm not out to deny her or her daughter anything, but there's no answer, which is fair enough. My mother would say "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all." it's a maxim I try and stick to, with the odd exception of on here.

Tonight I will report on how the quilt was recieved and how school was and how easy it is typing on one of these Gadgets and of course the cross country.

Enjoy your day!

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