Friday, September 9, 2011

And we're up!

Up out of bed.
Up and in a lovely mood about my lovely class.
Up in weight to 11st4 (154lbs) and I'm not letting that get to me lol!
Up in love and joy and happiness and so forth!
Up in my organisational skills and the idea of "just getting it done"

Mood is, for me, a matter of determining my own attitude. I decide, because what I decide influences 1 small person on the way to school, (2 after we pick up his friend on the way) 28ish small people all day at school, and a world around me.

(yes, I do know how arrogant and selfcentrered that sounds, but if I smile at someone and get a smile back it just might brighten a day for someone more than me snarling because I'm in a bad mood!)

But these days I have work to do in the mornings. *yawn* and I love it.

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