Sunday, March 29, 2009

I'm cooking prawn skewers

I felt you should know that.

It's going to be a late night, because it always is the first night he's away. So I'm eating now. I meant to eat earlier but I've been busy, so I'm finishing up some barbecue stuff from last year.

Miss him.

I know.

Makes you want to be sick, Dear Reader, but that's already in the sidebar, so don't blame me. If you don't like what you read, then look to the top of your screen, on the right hand side, you'll see an x. Click the x, and what you don't like goes away.

If only everything in life was that simple lol!


I need to be doing some.

I did BG's blog, emailed the She-Ex to tell her that I'd done it, that we were on BST now and back to 7 hours difference, and that I'd pass on anything to R that he needs to know.

I tried to be polite without being patronising, informative without being teacherlike, but I expect I got something wrong lol!



*sigh* *mope* *sigh*

Yeah, he just left.

And I'm missing him already, as they say!

AC is getting himself in the bath early because he wants jama's on early so that he can play a game with me.

Joe is sulking upstairs (he'll sulk for days without R here!) and will come down for tea and then lie on the floor by the door like a dog instead of the cat he's supposed to be.

Fudge is dozing in the sun.

Lightening is sleeping in a curled up ball in a pile of cotton shavings in his house.

Dave is on his wood, waving his antennas and waiting to be fed.

The fish are, well, just being fish, to be honest. Gorgeous, but fishy.

And I'm feeling him leave, and making a mental list of things I need to do tonight.

There's been no response from the He-Ex to the email I sent him, and the She-Ex is having a problem with the way we told BG what was happening and not her. But then she answered the phone this afternoon and showed no interest at all, so it can't be that important. The niceness has gone though, so I was right not to get too excited about her changing on a permanent basis. She is a really nice person when she's being really nice, but the opposite is also true, and I can't make space for that in my life anymore.

I forgive her time and again, and I always will. There's only one thing I really struggle to find the forgiveness in me towards her for, but I'm working on it, and one day I will. Every photo makes it easier, every missed opportunity makes it harder.

Ah well.

Right. Onwards and upwards as they say! Ben10 Alien Force it is!

*clocks change*

Have you changed yours?

R changed most of ours last night, then the rest should take care of themselves. He wanted to be sure we got to church on time.

R doesn't do church, (After all, he is a Druid lol!) but he is so supportive of me going, and taking AC with me. He doesn't understand the things we do sometimes, like Lent, but he accepted that I was making a mental sacrifice, we talked about it, he thought it was barmy, but then has been making me different drinks than tea. Aside from the day when I was really upset, then he made me a tea and logically reasoned why I should drink it. If the weather is bad, he'll take us down and pick us up and so on.

He and I both think the AC should be exposed to Christianity as it is such a part of who and what kind of family is raising him. A small, and little known fact, is that the 3rd thing the AC heard was the Lords Prayer. It would have been the 2nd, after "I love you." but there was an unfortunate incident lol. (The midwife said "You have a beautiful baby boy!" I said "He's purple and he smells funny." In my defence, he did!) And then I whispered I love you in his left ear, and the Lords Prayer in his right.


AC is encouraged to ask questions, not to "shut up", or accept the answer "because I say so", even though that is easier, but to ask as many questions as he needs and wants to. If it's the same one over again, then he's asked to think about what he was told before, and if it would have changed by now, but that's about his only limitation on questions.

Part of that encouraging is that he is encouraged to ask about faith, and what ever he decides at that time is accepted as a valid part of his belief system. It changes all the time, mainly because he's 5 lol, but he knows that R believes differently to Mummy, and that they both believe differently to Daddy, and that whilst Grandma and Grandad believe the same things as Mummy, they believe them and do different things about them (they preach - I don't!)

What it means, is that he will come to faith in his own time, on his own terms, and with a solid acceptance of God in whatever form God displays himself to the AC.

I think it's a good thing lol!

Today is a busy day, packing, sorting, playing, working, baking, and eating.

Tonight will be a long night.

R had a good chat to the BG last night about it all, and she's fine about what's going on, and excited by it. AC is happy with what's happening, although he'll miss R, and has volunteered the warmest duvet to go with him, saying that he (AC) can just have 2 duvets instead! Or a duvet and the car blanket. Or a duvet and the fleece blanket. Or.... and it continues!

I will miss him, and be warned there could be some very mushy posts coming up!

Ah well.

Let's do the day and see where it leaves us.