Friday, July 12, 2013

Another month?

It's been another month since I've written on here.

It's been an emotional time.  It's been exciting, it's been exhausting, it's been upsetting, it's been emotional!

It's because it's That Time of Year.  We've just had Scotty Day, which means that soon it is our....... I never know what to call this.  Anniversary?  Deathiversary? Whatever.  It's on it's way.  And the AC knows when it is this year.  Scotty's Day was amazing.  We took part as a whole school, and it rocked.

It's because it's That Time of Year.  It's end of term, it's moving up day.  For me, it's "Meet your new class of Y2, who are smaller than any child ever invented."  I have been teaching Y34 for so long now (8 years!) that looking at these small children was a massive shock.  A good one, but a massive one!  End of term brings tiredness and all that jazz as well though.  I've moved classrooms, everything is all over the place, but it's getting there.

It has nothing to do with That Time of Year.  Ladies and Gentlemen of the Readership, I have the honour to inform you that my beloved J has spoken to my father, and then requested my hand in the holy estate of matrimony.  Obviously, I accepted!

We are engaged to be married and I have a happy fiance, an over excited son, and a sparkling ring on my finger!  I have colleagues and friends who are very happy for us.  I have hopeful parents that this one won't become an alcoholic, or a womaniser, or just plain die!  (and for anyone who thinks that's a bad taste joke, you should hear some of the things I say.  I love him very dearly, and always will, and I'll cope in my own way, thankyou so much!)

So there you go!  In reverse order, it's been exciting, exhausting, upsetting.  It's been emotional people!