Thursday, April 2, 2009

2300 and....

it's time for bed.

Technically speaking I'm in bed. Wrapped in duvet. Snuggly snuggly warm. I've just spoken to R and he is definately here tomorrow, which will be fantastic. He'll be home fairly early as well.

Tomorrow is looking like a complicated day though.

UP at whatever time.
swish through the house.
AC to his fathers at 8am (On the grounds that originally it was a 9am course.)
Walk up to school. Continue sorting out my room for the painters.
Walk home to be home by 11am.
SB picking me up at 11am to go to the course, 1130 start.
"Wellbeing in the classroom" activity session
back to school.
Sort out my room and SB's room.

And then whatever happens, can just get on and happen!

Joe has just joined me. He's feeling very thumpy tonight and has lumbered around the house sulking because I refuse to feed him. Mainly because he's already been fed! He's a very lumbering cat. I'll stick some pictures up of him and the various animals later in the week.

Right now though, I'm about to start rambling, so I think I'm going to bed.

Night night all!

p.s. Lopez, you star! I shall answer you with my blogthoughts in another post!

6.13 and....

.... I must get a move on.

I felt like 4.45 was a lie in this morning! LOL!

OK, so far I have - done todays board, fed animals, weighed on WiiFit and yawned.

I need to -

Wipe the kitchen and do the dishwasher.
Tidy the small table
Pack our bags
Get showered and dressed (Non Uniform today so I can wear jeans! YAY!)
Get the child up, fed and dressed (Non Uniform today YAY!)
swish and swipe the bathroom
save the board onto my stick or phone
text the man to tell him I love him before he starts his day.

Am tired.

The beloved mother parent is coming round tonight after she takes children to do exams in the PDC, so that will be lovely, and the AC will be here, so that will be lovely, and then when she's gone and he's a-bed, I shall endeavour to clear the dining room table - no mean feat as almost all my end of term paperwork is on it lol!

I just want him to come back to a tidy house, freshly made bed, home cooked food and plenty of loving.

The first thing he wants to do when he gets back is shower, then something undiscussable on here (!) then proper food. He's got to wait and phone BG until she gets out of school, as she herself pointed out. Very sensible child.

And then the weekend is our own! Not doing *any* work as I'll have plenty of time to do it in the time I'm here alone.

A little tired today

I can't believe it's Thursday already. (It is though, I've just checked.)

Today we need to make our parachutes, test our parachutes, finish our Easter cards and empty the classroom, all before 1215 because we have swimming and then The Leaving Assembly later on. It's going to be a hectic day.

Last night was not hectic, just bizarre.

The day was ok. Mum phoned to see if I was going on the "Magic in Languages" course after work. I was planning to, and so she came to pick me up. As I got in the car there was an almighty (and I mean almighty!) ripping sound, and my trousers tore across my rear! I looked at her, she looked and me, and we laughed. A lot. Well, what else could we do? We nipped home, I changed and we got to the course a little bit late, but it was all ok.

The course was excellent, about using magic in french, which will work really well with my lot. I might even treat myself to a magic bag! (Un sac magic!) And even cooler, when she said sign up for the ezine, I did it from my phone, right then, and I was taking notes all the way through on my phone as well. It's not a new one, I've just been exploring it more. It's an HTC TytnII and I *love* it.

Had to phone the He-Ex to ask him to hang onto the AC for an extra quarter of an hour which was fine with him. He's having him from 8am on Friday too for our "wellbeing" day. PAH! (A whole nother post *there!*)

Got back here to find an email from the She-Ex to let us know that BG is going to be away over Easter. I've thanked her for the info, and am currently waiting on an email that lets us know dates, contact details and so on. I made an effort to be polite and nice, writing and erasing sentences incase she took them the wrong way and so on. I finally settled on "It's a shame you have to work." because it is. The BG misses out on so much because her mother is always working (and I'm not knocking that, the She-Ex has spent months and months at a time without a job) but the She-Ex works every weekend, and so BG rarely seems to go anywhere. But there's no way we'll ever see her here, the She-Ex has made that clear, regardless of life and any situations! Oh well.

Mind you, with the amount I'm seeing the AC over the holidays I may as well be working - he's here Sundays, Mondays and Thursdays. It'll be fine though. We have plans!

Where was I? Oh yes, got back here, read mail etc, then CP turned up, and stayed until about 10pm. He and AC played on the Wii for a bit, I pottered around, fed him coffee and so on. HE hasn't just turned up like that for ages, so it's nice when he does, but I had a shedload of work to do, which I am about to start lol! But as far as I know we are gaming on Saturday finally (been a WHILE!)

And then bed, via a swift call from R. It's nearly Friday, I keep telling myself!

And now to work!